Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Commissioner Viola Harris Questioned Rev. Roosevelt Higgs About $500.00

During the treasurer’s report Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris questioned did Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs get the $500.00 by the executive committee to pay the 1st Congressional District Chair Senator Don Davis to come in to do the appointment process for the replacement of Sheriff James Knight.

Higgs tried to justify his mess by saying he felt that Davis deserved to be paid but he did have a $200.00 expenditure. So what about the other $300 sir? Higgs said that somebody called the state and he acted as if that was justification and hell no that was not. The state and the 1st Congressional District Chair has been called in on numerous occasions over the years to help.

Higgs tried to call Commissioner Harris out by saying don’t she get paid to travel? Well sir that is totally different you can’t compare the travel with the Edgecombe County Commissioners with the travel of the 1st Congressional District Chair. He was trying to get ugly and Edgecombe County Board of Education Chair one of the persons that Higgs had made a parliamentarian rose and said that Higgs and Harris were getting out of order.

At this time I addressed the chair and said yes I called the state and 1st Congressional District Chair and it was nothing new. I said I have never known the 1st Congressional District Chair to get paid. I said I stand behind what I say and do so yes I called Senator Davis. I have to admit that I missed this and one reason is probably because I got the report and took a photo of it and passed it on to someone.

I wanted to question the $500.00 paid to Higgs for Piggly Wiggly and $250.00 to Robert Lyons for barbecue all for March 23, 2017. I didn’t because I didn’t want to get into a fight with Higgs but why no one questioned him don’t surprise me. Folk got certain folk they want to question but for some reason these good Democrats didn’t question it. Makes no damn sense all of the so-called good Democrats set back and allow him to attack Harris character about her travel when her travel didn’t have a damn thing to do with the issue at hand. He has talked ugly to some women in the party over the years and even the men didn’t say a word but you can’t say I didn’t.

Some folk don’t like Commissioner Harris and although we have disagreed on some things, I have much respect for her because she get the training to make her effective. Harris also attend numerous meetings around the county but not limited to and also she is very vocal. You don’t have to agree with her on everything but that which you can you need to acknowledge it.

I talked to the 1st Congressional District Chair Senator Don Davis about the money issue and he explained to me what went down. I will not report at the moment what he said other than he explained to Higgs where he stood on the money issue and that yes his expenditures was around $203.00.

Well Ernest Taylor and others who say Higgs has done such a great job, really? Still waiting for ya’ll to tell me what he has done other than trying to impress some and trying to discredit those who ain’t afraid to question his motives.

Well if ya’ll like mess, then I love it but I am going to continue to question mess and don’t give a damn who have a problem with what I say and do. One thing about it when it comes to POLITICS I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest. I am for what is in the best interest of all the people of Edgecombe County no only Democrats. I stand behind the mission and not the person if they are not following the mission.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair 11-1 I approve of this message and do not need a 2nd.

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