Open Letter To Rev. Lawrence Taylor Newly Elected Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party

I immediately left after the election of you for chair of the party on today because I had to video a funeral. I congratulate and support you although I didn’t vote for you. The reason I did not is because I have been preaching imagecommunications for years. Bronson Williams has communications skills and if I am correct he majored in communications. Bronson has access to communications via radio and tv so I proudly supported him.

I don’t question whether you can be an effective chair and I look forward to working with you. I challenge you to do your very best to take Edgecombe County to a whole new level.

I have served as the county chair 1998 – 1999 as I filled the unexpired term of now Rev. Roy Gray when he stepped down and was suppose to go to work for Congresswoman Eva Clayton. I also had filed to run for school board and then when I was elected to chair leaving my 3rd vice office, I didn’t really campaign for the school board seat because it was not all about me but was about trying to keep the party together. I did just that.

I would suggest that you start having meetings monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly so the party can inform county Democrats about what is going on. I prefer monthly however social media can help in times when there are not meetings held. It is just too much going on with politics on the local, state and national levels to just have a meeting during the county convention and the district convention. The Repubs got some mess going on and the Dems need to make the Dems aware of what is going on to get them fired up and motivated to get involved in the party and to especially go to the polls.

Mr. Chair when you have meetings please send out all of the information in the packages stating what will take place at the meetings. When I was the chair I sent out the Agenda and on the agenda I stated the Section in The Plan of Organization that we would be discussing at the meeting so that folk could be prepared when they arrive. I also made sure I met with my other 5 officers and/or the secretary so that everyone would know what would be taking place at the meetings. I also wrote out what I was going to say on my agenda so that if something should have come up and I could not be there, I could pass on my agenda to the secretary and the next in line following me such as the 1st Vice Chair could move forward with the meeting smoothly. I kept my meetings in order and didn’t allow anyone to speak without addressing me the chair and I didn’t entertain no foolishness. I was able to keep out mess and my meeting lasted right around 1 hour.

If I can assist you at anytime as one of your precinct chairs, please feel free to contact me anytime. You know how to get up with me.

Again congratulations and I support you as my chair.


Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Commissioner Viola Harris Questioned Rev. Roosevelt Higgs About $500.00

During the treasurer’s report Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris questioned did Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs get the $500.00 by the executive committee to pay the 1st Congressional District Chair Senator Don Davis to come in to do the appointment process for the replacement of Sheriff James Knight.

Higgs tried to justify his mess by saying he felt that Davis deserved to be paid but he did have a $200.00 expenditure. So what about the other $300 sir? Higgs said that somebody called the state and he acted as if that was justification and hell no that was not. The state and the 1st Congressional District Chair has been called in on numerous occasions over the years to help.

Higgs tried to call Commissioner Harris out by saying don’t she get paid to travel? Well sir that is totally different you can’t compare the travel with the Edgecombe County Commissioners with the travel of the 1st Congressional District Chair. He was trying to get ugly and Edgecombe County Board of Education Chair one of the persons that Higgs had made a parliamentarian rose and said that Higgs and Harris were getting out of order.

At this time I addressed the chair and said yes I called the state and 1st Congressional District Chair and it was nothing new. I said I have never known the 1st Congressional District Chair to get paid. I said I stand behind what I say and do so yes I called Senator Davis. I have to admit that I missed this and one reason is probably because I got the report and took a photo of it and passed it on to someone.

I wanted to question the $500.00 paid to Higgs for Piggly Wiggly and $250.00 to Robert Lyons for barbecue all for March 23, 2017. I didn’t because I didn’t want to get into a fight with Higgs but why no one questioned him don’t surprise me. Folk got certain folk they want to question but for some reason these good Democrats didn’t question it. Makes no damn sense all of the so-called good Democrats set back and allow him to attack Harris character about her travel when her travel didn’t have a damn thing to do with the issue at hand. He has talked ugly to some women in the party over the years and even the men didn’t say a word but you can’t say I didn’t.

Some folk don’t like Commissioner Harris and although we have disagreed on some things, I have much respect for her because she get the training to make her effective. Harris also attend numerous meetings around the county but not limited to and also she is very vocal. You don’t have to agree with her on everything but that which you can you need to acknowledge it.

I talked to the 1st Congressional District Chair Senator Don Davis about the money issue and he explained to me what went down. I will not report at the moment what he said other than he explained to Higgs where he stood on the money issue and that yes his expenditures was around $203.00.

Well Ernest Taylor and others who say Higgs has done such a great job, really? Still waiting for ya’ll to tell me what he has done other than trying to impress some and trying to discredit those who ain’t afraid to question his motives.

Well if ya’ll like mess, then I love it but I am going to continue to question mess and don’t give a damn who have a problem with what I say and do. One thing about it when it comes to POLITICS I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest. I am for what is in the best interest of all the people of Edgecombe County no only Democrats. I stand behind the mission and not the person if they are not following the mission.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair 11-1 I approve of this message and do not need a 2nd.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party I Expect The New County Officers And The Entire Executive Committee To Do Better

During the Edgecombe County Democratic Convention held today Rev. Roosevelt Higgs praised himself for all that he has done. I am yet to see what he has done other than to send out notices to have precinct meetings. The same for the County Convention and District Convention. Sir we had no Democratic Party Office in spite of having a presidential election and nor was there ever mention during the county convention meetings. This year will be the 1st year I will attend the district convention because I was written out of the 1st district into the 13th since it was created. How I am glad to be written back into the 1st because it made no damn sense that I live about 4 miles from Edgecombe Community College basically on the same road and on the day of the convention I would leave home driving in the direction of the college but turned off not quite a mile before the college to go all the way to the Nashville Courthouse for the 13th Congressional Convention.

Higgs attempted to call me out during he meeting saying that I didn’t know that he was taking care of his grandbaby while trying to prepare for the Sheriff Appointment. Yes I did know because his brother is my Precinct Vice Chair where I serve as Chair and he had told me Higgs was taking care of his grandbaby staying in Rocky Mount. But the problem with that is the secretary, the 3 vice chairs had roles to play and they didn’t for whatever reason because they had no information because Higgs had it all or they just didn’t do it. The Plan of Organization states the duties of the officers.

Atleast one Democrat Precinct Vice Chair Ernest Taylor praised Higgs for all that he has done but he didn’t mention one thing he did. Taylor called me during the time of the Sheriff appointment and wanted me to call a meeting inviting all of the precinct chairs to sit down and look at the qualifications of the candidates because he said that is what we needed to do. Well I had all of the candidates bios, know them and also attended and videoed both candidates forum so what was it that the precinct chairs needed.

Higgs talked about the work being done at the precinct level getting folk to the polls. What? Precincts don’t meet but once a year and that is because the leadership of the county party has not done anything to inform the precincts of what is going on politically because the county officers had not meetings. The precincts have no funds and it ain’t no way they can call or contact all the precinct members in their precinct. This should be done through the County Democratic Party having monthly or bi-monthly meetings like some other counties.

I challenge the new officers and the entire executive committee to become progressive by informing the Democrats of Edgecombe County by having more meetings and to become social media driven. I have challenged the county party during every meeting to get active in social media and it has not been done as of today.

Hell I ain’t mad with nobody, I have been holding folk accountable for their actions every since I became a precinct chair dating back to the late 80’s and serving on the county executive committee as 3rd vice chair in the early 90’s and serving on the executive committee at the present as a precinct chair. However I am mad as hell because I remember when I first began to attend the county conventions they used to be a knock down and drag out because the majority of the officers were white and also majority boards were white across the county. I came in and I was called a racist by some whites and militant by some blacks. I was about what was right and always stressed to black folk that times were different and we didn’t have to do ignant and/or illegal mess to earn our rights to fight for offices be it the county board and/or the local boards.

Over the years as the county executive committee has become a majority black there are a few whites who continue to attend but with the black leadership during some terms we have had a lot of mess. I don’t blame them for not coming now.

What tickles me is when some white folk call me a racist when I hold all folk accountable for their actions. I have been the Edgecombe County Democratic Party worst critic because I say what the others say behind closed doors but get to the meetings and act like everything is okay. Oh hell not we got a problem with the county party but hopefully today that will change. Congressman G.K. Butterfield expressed today in his message that when the votes come in from Edgecombe County and Halifax county because of the black vote statewide elections can be called. But just think about if we were a progressive county with strong leadership we could do a hell of a lot more.

The Democratic Women of Edgecombe County back in the day played a major role in Edgecombe County politics and they were a majority white. Today the after reviving the Democratic Women they are a make up of different races in the county and they have played a major role in educating the Democrats over the past 2 years.

I will continue to hold the Edgecombe County Democratic Party accountable for their actions or lack of and I don’t give a damn who gets mad. What I have found to be so funny is that a couple of folk have said to me to don’t let Higgs get you out of my character. He can’t do that because I know how to deal with him. One person even asked me could I sit down with Higgs and talk it out. Talk what out? They know me and they know Higgs. But I bet none of these folk have approached Higgs. And since they have not they and anyone else who do not have the balls to call him out, I don’t trust them. I am about the making sure the folk in Edgecombe County who are voting and doing things that affect me and all of the folk of Edgecombe County lives and livelihood so I am going to hold folk accountable no matter who like it.

Some black folk are some funny folk. They talk one thing and do another. One thing I have seen over the years they talk about getting young folk involved but when I was young and came on the scene they treated young folk as if they were nobody and drove them away. I refused to allow them to get the victory because I stayed on and dealt with them. And today at 54 years old when some young folk come out I try support them because I ain’t running for anything. I recognize and understand what my elders said but not lived up to, to get young folk involved so if I support a young person then maybe they can bring in more young folk.

I am sick and tired of black folk who say one thing and do another but don’t understand why young folk don’t get involved. Well you did it and continue to do it because you don’t lead by example.

Edgecombe County have survived politically by the Grace of God and not because of the leadership of the party over the past several years. I came to the conclusion that if black folk like it, then I love it but I ain’t gonna stop doing what I do.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair 11-1 I approve of this message and don’t need a 2nd.