Edgecombe County Democrats Please Attend The County Convention On Saturday April 8, 2017 Because We Got To Do Better

It is time for a change. Edgecombe County Democrats have been neglected by the county party because of the lack of leadership. There has been no meetings, no candidates forum no nothing but the required meetings such as precinct meetings, county conventions and district conventions under the current leadership. The current leadership did nothing to inform the Democrats of what has been going on around us locally, statewide or nationally even when we had a Presidential Election under the current leadership. The county party could have had meetings through out the year and/or sent out emails to the active Democrats in the county. There has been no website, facebook, twitter no kind of social media that would have informed the county of the political climate.

When the mailings went out to the precincts to have our annual precinct meetings nothing was in the package about the retiring Sheriff James Knight and what the process would be to appoint someone to take his place until the 2018 elections. And now the most recent mailing nothing was in the package about what would take place at the county convention other than we will have a speaker. This is the year to elect officers for the 6 county officers which consist of County chair, 1st vice, 2nd vice, 3rd vice, secretary and treasurer.

You need to read the following, Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Saturday April 8, 2017 Featuring The Honorable Congressman G.K. Butterfield so you will know what will take place on Saturday because there is more going on that just listening to Congressman G.K. Butterfield giving us an update about what is going on in Washington.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct 11-1