Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Saturday April 8, 2017 Featuring The Honorable Congressman G.K. Butterfield

Congressman G.K. Butterfield will be the speaker for the Democratic Party County Convention. Our newly appointed Sheriff Clee Atkinson will be attending as well. The convention is open to all Democrats so come out and learn what is going on in Washington DC and locally. Also if you have not met our new Sheriff this will be the time.

During the convention the election of county officers will take place. The chair, 1st, 2nd, 3rd vice chair, secretary and treasurer offices will all be open for anyone who would like to be nominated and voted on to serve. Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs stated on the night of the appointment of Sheriff Atkinson that he, 1st Vice Chair Ms. Gladys Shelton and 2nd Vice Chair Mr. Robert Byrd were not going to seek re-election. I have not heard anything about the other officers.

Each office comes with a duty. If one is not capable and/or willing to carry out the duties then you do not need to seek office. You can find out more about the County Convention by going to the Plan Of Organization 5.00 COUNTY CONVENTIONS and go to Plan Of Organization 2.05 DUTIES OF COUNTY OFFICERS.

I suggest that anyone who would like to seek any of the offices you need to campaign just like the process of the Sheriff appointment by calling all of the County Executive Committee members to seek their votes. However during the convention there will be delegates from each precinct who can vote as well.

I look forward to a more progressive county party after this election. We need some Democrats who will serve the county by being active politically, computer literate and ready to take our state and nation back so we can be a voice for all of the people even those R’s who are in denial at the moment. But they gone see.