Who Has Gained From North Carolina’s HB2 Losses? NBC News

Just days after the Associated Press provided an in-depth look at the massive economic impact of North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2 — the so-called “bathroom bill” Republicans passed a year ago — lawmakers in the state struck a deal to repeal and replace the bill.

The original legislation, commonly known as HB2, limited LGBTQ rights in the state and restricted which public restrooms transgender people can use. Following the bill’s passage in March of last year, the Tar Heel state faced a major political and financial backlash. On Monday, an AP analysis found the bill would end up costing North Carolinians $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years.

So, now that HB2 has been repealed and replaced, will it be business as usual in North Carolina? Not quite. (Read more)


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