Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment Today

Today is the day that we come together as the Edgecombe County Executive Committee to vote on a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight. However we need to come together as a party.

What I hope folk learn from this situation is that this is why we need a strong Democratic Party Chair and working county officers so that the party can function effectively. The county Democrats need to be aware of what is going on locally, statewide and nationally weekly. There must be an effective means of communication via emails and regular meetings. We need a Democratic Party Headquarters. We need some dedicated workers.

Because we don’t have a Democratic Party that is effective, we had no communication about what was and is going on locally, statewide and nationally with all that is going on with the Republicans being in control. We need our local Democratic Party to be at its very best so we can move forward. This is an election year also for new county officers so keep that in mind during the election at our upcoming County Convention.


































When Sheriff James Knight announced his retirement if there had been an effective Democratic Party Chair he/she would have talked to him and told him that the timing of his retirement becoming effective was going to be during a bad time since this was the year to elect precinct officers. If I had been the chair I would have asked the Sheriff to wait until the middle of March or the end of March to make his retirement official.


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