Photos/Videos – Edgecombe County Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission


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The Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission hosted a Sheriff Forum on Thursday March 9, 2017 at the Edgecombe Community College Campus Rocky Mount NC. This was the 2nd forum that has been held with the 1st one being hosted by the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County in February in Tarboro at the Edgecombe County Administration Building Auditorium. When I asked the Democratic Women to host a forum to present the candidates I also asked them to contact the Human Relations Commission to co-sponsor but they didn’t co-sponsor.

The problem I have had with the current Democratic Party County Officers is that they have not had anything absolutely nothing to educate the Democrats under the leadership of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and his other 5 county officers. The Democratic Women has been hosting successful events and if it had not been for them there would have not been any Democratic activities since the group was formed recently under the leadership of Melanie Goff Bradley the outgoing chair.

The Human Relations Commission has been hosting a candidates forum over the years but the Democratic Party should have been the one hosting one. Interesting Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is the vice chair of the Human Relations Commission abd chair of the Democratic Party.

Former Detective Larry Woodley the folk I have talked to says he seems to be very arrogant and has not impressed them one bit. I totally agree because I know him. Does it not seem strange that their former boss Sheriff James Knight is not publicly supporting Chief Allen Moseley and Captain Richard Allen. State Trooper Clee Atkinson the people say he has been very impressive and I totally agree.

It appears this forum was to target Clee Atkinson because there were a few questions that singled him out and not the other candidates. I didn’t go to ask any questions but after I heard the current Sheriffs talk about what they were doing since the Sheriff Office became vacant on Wednesday talking about implementing this and that and meeting with folk like Princeville about a citizens watch, I couldn’t take it. To me this is unprofessional and poor leadership because damn you don’t need to be focused on anything but running the day to day operations until March 23rd when the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee meet. Right now these guys are focusing on the wrong thing while the Sheriff Office staff is concerned and waiting patiently to find out who will be chosen to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight

Watch the videos for yourself and you gone learn the day! Don’t take my word. Folk what you need to keep in mind is that this appointment ain’t about me just because I am vocal and reporting the facts not the alternative facts.

One thing that tickled the hell out of me was the question to Clee Atkinson about Sheriff Keith Stone name being called it was not Clee who called Sheriff Stone name it was Chief Allen Moseley. But was a 2 part question ask him what would he do about gangs. He had already answered that question several times. SMDH!

All voting members make sure you watch the Appointment Process that was presented by Senator Don Davis 1st Congressional District Chair because he explains what is going on now and what will take place on March 23.

Watch the following videos:

Sheriff Forum Photos

Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission Part 1

Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission Part 2

Part 3 Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission

Appointment Process For Edgecombe County Sheriff 2017