Clee Atkinson Has Ties To Pinetops

Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson Jr. for Edgecombe County Sheriff hosted by the Michael’s Angels Girls Club on Monday night was very informative. Clee is a State Patrol and is serving on detail for Governor Roy Cooper and recently worked on detail for former Governor Pat McCrory. Clee’s mom came up to me after the meeting and shared with me Clee’s ties to Pinetops.

Clee’s mother Carrie Jenkins Langley was from Pinetops and now lives in Wilson. Clee’s grandmother Gladys Walston Jenkins and grandfather William Jasper Jenkins nickname Doodley were from Pinetops. Clee’s great grandma is Carrie Taylor Jenkins, great granddad William Gilbert Jenkins, great great grandma Cora Hill Walston and great great granddad is Mercer Walston were formerly of Pinetops. Clee has numerous family members who reside in Edgecombe County and you know them but didn’t know that you did. I am learning everyday who some of his family is.

I had heard that folk were saying Clee was not from Edgecombe County. One of the qualifications for being Sheriff of Edgecombe County one would have to be a resident of Edgecombe County. Since he lives in Meadowbrook in Rocky Mount on the Edgecombe Side that validates he live in our county.

I am so proud of this young man seeking the Sheriff Appointment because he is qualified, experienced, capable and willing to be the people’s Sheriff. He has a wealth of law enforcement knowledge via professional training and from a street standpoint so therefore he can relate to all folk young and old. He brings a wealth of resources and integrity along with him.

The DCN News Blog Online TV proudly endorsed Clee Atkinson after the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County Sheriff Forum in February. However I had already made my mind up because I had done my homework on him. I have not heard nothing negative about him.

Get to know the man and/or talk to someone that do. You will be glad that you did!