SBCC Takes Action That Could Lessen Local College Autonomy



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Please contact Dr. Donny Hunter, NCACCT President/CEO, or Julie Woodson, NCACCT Executive Vice President, if you have any questions or need additional information.

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SBCC Takes Action That Could Lessen Local College Autonomy

Despite efforts by the NC Association of Community College Trustees (NCACCT) and the Community College Presidents Association, along with others who spoke on the issues being discussed, the State Board voted today to push legislation that would, if passed, significantly reduce local autonomy that our colleges now have to govern the college and employ the president under the terms that best fit the needs of their college.  No one in attendance, other than State Board members, spoke positively about the proposed legislative action under consideration.
The three items they voted to send to the General Assembly as proposed legislation are:
1-To establish term limits for trustees for a maximum of two terms;
2- To require boards to meet at least once every two months per year;
3- To allow the State Board to take control of the local governance at a local college, under the conditions that the State Board has set.
Those who spoke in opposition stated that, if any of these items needed to be addressed, they  should be addressed by the stakeholders, including community college trustees and presidents.  Those who spoke expressed concern that once legislation is proposed, the trustees and presidents would have no control of what the final legislation would say, including action by the General Assembly that could cause further loss of local autonomy.
If any bill is introduced to address any of these items, we will contact you so you will be able to contact members of your legislative delegation and, hopefully, express your opinion regarding this legislation.


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