Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Can Not Support Former Detective Larry Woodley

I had been hearing Larry Woodley name floating around that he was going to seek the Sheriff Appointment. On last Wednesday Woodley called me because he said he had read the article in the newspaper about the Sheriff Forum. He said he had spoken to a commissioner and they had already made up their mind. He said how could they do that when they didn’t know who all of the candidates were going to be? He said he wanted to throw his name in to give folk an option. He asked what did he need to do to participate in the forum. I said just show up. Woodley showed up.

Now a little background history. I know Woodley and Woodley know me. So if he was interested knowing how active and engaged I am into politics but moreso know the role I played in the appointment of Sheriff James Knight what he thought I was waiting on him to be my option. Did he think I was going to be silent about the appointment? Well obviously he has not been reading my blog and posts on my social media pages. Woodley was a candidate when we appointed Sheriff Knight along with now Retired Rocky Mount Police Chief John Manley. I remember Woodley when he was employed with Tarboro Police Department before going to Rocky Mount.

What tickled the hell out of me is how Woodley would call Social Services Director Marva Scott’s name who sued Edgecombe County because of a couple of ignant folk who had a problem with her and they fired her. Of course you know Scott is back and they had to pay her for all of the time lost which I believe was around one year. Who was the chair of Social Services? Who were they conspiring with? Even the County Commissioners were ignant when it came to Scott. Well they lost.

But what tickled the hell out of me the most is the comment Woodley made that he and Sheriff Knight had gone through this process before and that when Knight won he said he would support Knight and Knight said he would support him. Woodley said Knight had his time and now it was his time. Shaking my damn head! Now I played a major role in that appointment and I don’t remember no b.s. like that. John Manley came to Pinetops and was the MC for the event we had for Sheriff Knight shortly after he was appointed. Later Manley went on to become the Chief of Rocky Mount Police. I told him during Knight appointment at that time just wait a while his time was coming and I don’t think he feel bad about ending up being the Chief of Rocky Mount Police.

I have not heard one person say they would want to see Woodley be appointed to Sheriff. Actually I refuse to say what I am hearing.

The reason why I asked the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County to host the Sheriff Forum on Thursday was so that we can see who are seeking the appointment and so that the community can put a face with the names.

You see I hate this appointment is going to bring on some unnecessary division simply because the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is doing what he does best, manipulating the process and thinks it is funny. I don’t play games when it comes to folk wanting to represent me and playing with folk livelihood.

So knowing what I know and after the forum on Thursday, The DCN News Blog Online TV endorses Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson.

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Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Democratic Women Part 1

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Leonard Pitts: Open letter to our so-called president – The Baltimore Sun

Dear Mr. So-Called President:

So let me explain to you how this works.

You were elected as chief executive of the United States. I won’t belabor the fact that you won with a minority of the popular vote and a little help from your friends, FBI Director James Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The bottom line is, you were elected.

And this does entitle you to certain things. You get your own airplane. You get free public housing. You get greeted with snappy salutes. And a band plays when you walk into the room.

But there is one thing to which your election does not entitle you. It does not entitle you to do whatever pops into your furry orange head without being called on it or, should it run afoul of the Constitution, without being blocked. (Read more)

Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Can Not Support Chief Deputy Allen Moseley

When I learned about the official announcement of Sheriff James Knight retiring in the newspaper, I said to him oh you have made it public. I did not receive the press release.

I immediately asked him was Chief Deputy Allen Moseley interested in the appointment and he told me … I will get back to that later.

I have been in Moseley’s presence quite much over the years because I played a major role in the appointment of Sheriff James Knight. I have been actively engaged in politics of Edgecombe County since long before Knight’s appointment and then elected to become Sheriff. I had a vote in the appointment however a community meeting was held sponsored by Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and h)e was trying to get Donnie Taylor appointed. The folk in the meeting said they wanted James Knight so we sat Higgs ignant ass down and made Roy Gray chair of the community meeting and I was secretary of the group. I was asked to talk to some of the deputies to see if they wanted someone from the inside or the outside and their response at that time was the inside. So therefore I was going to start my process from finding out what some on the inside wanted and then I would make my choice from doing my homework but also keeping in mind which I felt based on my opinion from the facts I gathered what would be best. But it really makes a difference when you are involved in politics and know the folk involved. I am over qualified when it comes to politics of Edgecombe County.

After meeting for around 1 hour or more at West Edgecombe Baptist Church a couple of Saturdays morning ago when with Moseley I explained to him to keep in mind the difference in an appointment and an election. I actually tried to discourage him into not seeking the appointment for several reasons. I told him if he asked me I would tell him what I thought would be best but he never did. Just because I would have told him had no bearing over whether he wanted to put his name in the hat at all because he is in control of the choices he make.

Now back to when I asked Sheriff James Knight was Moseley interested and he told me that Moseley was not interested and that he had met with Clee Atkinson and that he would support him. Well I had been waiting to hear from anyone and everyone that were going to seek the appointment so I was glad to receive the call because I like to talk to folk before I post about them but it do not always work that way. But Moseley is seeking the appointment and I was not going to contact him nor any others, but someone did tell me to go by his office and talk to him. I said nope if he wants to talk to me he will contact me.

Moseley told me about his time at the Sheriff Office, some of the things he has done and some things he would like to see done. They sounded good however what I stressed to him was that he need to keep in mind this is an appointment and not election time.

I have received messages from some folk inside that said they would support Moseley over Richard Allen because he only had a couple of years and he would probably retire. Some said they wanted someone from the outside because they had some issues with Moseley how he talked to them and other but I also am not ignant to the fact that sometimes when folk in authority say things some folk have an issue with them. It was brought to my attention of an incident during Hurricane Matthews that didn’t seem favorable on Moseley’s behalf. I will not go into the specifics.

I had told folk that I had been told by Knight that Moseley was not interested in the office that he was going to support Atkinson. Several weeks ago I was hearing that Moseley was saying he was interested and then it was confirmed that he we going to seek the appointment. Well I watch and listen carefully when I deal with folk who want to represent me and the folk in Edgecombe County. Although I feel Moseley is capable of doing the job from what I know of him but being capable and having some other to go along with the office is very important.

My problem is one I have not heard him say he has the endorsement of his outgoing boss. After talking to Moseley I don’t see him having the resources from outside of Edgecombe County such as neighboring Sheriff Offices and the hard hitters with money in and influence. Sheriff Knight had resources and strong support from all races, all parties and in the community. I do not see this with Moseley and this is a serious problem. Years working in the Sheriff Office do not automatically make one the best candidate. I didn’t say the most qualified because qualifications are limited to certain things but being the best has no limits, oh just my ignant opinion.

I told Moseley to do not get caught up with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs because he has nothing to offer him. However sources told me that is who Moseley has been relying on and that Moseley himself told me that at the Dr. Martin L. King Breakfast that Higgs approached him about the appointment.

So if Moseley actually met with Atkinson and agreed to support him, but now seeking the appointment, I see division in the house already. So if Atkinson win the appointment do you think it would make sense to keep Moseley in a position close to him? You see I hate this appointment is going to bring on some unnecessary division simply because the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is doing what he does best, manipulating the process and thinks it is funny. I don’t play games when it comes to folk wanting to represent me and playing with folk livelihood.

So knowing what I know and has spoken to Moseley and Atkinson, The DCN News Blog Online TV endorses Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson.

The reason why I asked the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County to host the Sheriff Forum on Thursday was so that we can see who are seeking the appointment and so that the community can put a face with the names.

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Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Says Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Is Not The One

The Democratic Women of Edgecombe County hosted a Sheriff Forum on Thursday February 16 and it went well overall.

I was instrumental in the forum being held because I wanted all the candidates seeking the appointment to be given an opportunity to come out (now) and be heard instead of waiting for our county Democratic Party Chair former convicted felon Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to manipulate the process by prolonging the appointment. And then his ignant ass had the audacity to call the outgoing chair of the Democratic Women and told her to add his name to the list of candidates for Sheriff. Higgs tried to manipulate the process back when we appointed Sheriff James Knight.

Commissioner Viola Harris a member of the Democratic Women and a voting member during the upcoming appointment read the overview for the office of Sheriff per the constitution so therefore that eliminated ignant ass Higgs who is a felon but had his rights restored. But even with ones rights restored one can not run for Sheriff. I have a serious problem when folk play games with folk lives by trying to mislead them and promoting untrues. I will not tolerate it!

Higgs ought not be the county chair because he has not done anything over the years but mislead folk especially folk who were ignant to the Plan of Organization and for those whom were afraid of him. I know the plan and ain’t scare of him so therefore I have challenged him at just about every, I repeat every meeting. Because I have challenged him I have had to take Higgs to court for stalking me and he was sentenced to 1 year in the courts. Just recently he has started again by leaving voice messages on my phone and the 1st one a threat that I would not be the precinct chair before the upcoming appointment. This is because the plan is for him to attempt to try to get some white folk to come to the meeting to try to vote me out as chair and his brother my vice chair out. I welcome them to the meeting because they never come. The 2nd voice mail was he called me at 8:00 AM while I am at work asking me why I don’t answer my phone and since I didn’t he called me a VAGINA. I bet he voted for Trump because they are both ignant when it comes to politics and dealing with folk.

What folk in Higgs precinct ought to do is to vote him out because he has not lived in Speed since the 1999 flood and has lived in the EL Robinson Center with his mom. Sources say he is living in Rocky Mount at the moment.

The Edgecombe County Commissioners have voted for Higgs to serve on the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission for several terms. That speaks highly of them to vote for this ignant ass to represent Edgecombe County as well. I told the chair of the county commissioners Leonard Wiggins and Viola Harris on last night that I was going to attend their March meeting asking that they remove him from the HRC.

It is time for all good Democrats of Edgecombe County to ask Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to remove himself as chair of the party and also as a member of the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission. All good Democrats also need to contact the Edgecombe County Commissioners and the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to remove Higgs from both offices effective immediately. I will be appealing to both bodies.

And let’s not forget how he challenged Rev. Andre Knight and my residency after the flood. But this ignant ass ain’t lived in Speed since 1999. Knight ended up suing the county because of the Edgecombe County Board of Elections, WHIG-TV and some other ignants supported Higgs. All came out looking ignant!

Click on the 2 links to read about it:

Knight vs Higgs Case Law NC Court of Appeals 

NC Court Of Appeals Rules in Knight’s Favor

Click on the 2 links to hear the voicemails from this ignant.

Audio Voicemail Higgs left on my phone today Feb. 13, 2017.

Rev. Ignant Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Message

This is what the party elected to serve us for 2 terms. Has done absolutely nothing since he has held the post.

Note: I have repeatedly stated that I have a voice and 1 vote. Higgs brother is my vice chair and he has 1 vote.

Audio The Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair
Bet He Voted For President Donald Trump
2nd Voicemail To Me In 2 Days
I Work A Real Job And Was At Work When He Called
Tuesday February 14, 2017

Open Letter To Edgecombe County Sheriff Deputies & Staff The Retirement Of Sheriff James Knight On To The Appointment

I have a voice and a vote as a precinct chair which make me a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee. If anyone would like to share your concerns/input with me I will be glad to address you individually, in a group via email/social media instant message or by phone. Feel free to contact me and if I miss your call I will respond in a timely fashion.

I am quite sure some of you have some concerns about whether you will have a job when the new Sheriff is in place. Well if you are doing your job then you should not have a problem. Since the deputies and staff works at the pleasure of the Sheriff then it does not matter who the next Sheriff will because he/she can choose who he/she wants to work with him or her.

When I endorse the person whom I am going to vote for I will hold him or her accountable for their actions. I will expect him or her to come in and not make change just for the sake of change but to thoroughly examine if and where changes need to be made. I will stand by the current deputies and staff from what I have seen, not from what I know on the inside because I know nothing about what goes on in the inside. I watch how the deputies and staff carry themselves when they are out in the public such as if they are friendly and are they professional in and out of uniform. I will support the deputies and staff if they should have some issues/concerns that can be shared with me.

What am I really trying to say? I will not support a candidate that will come in and just tear up the department just because they got the power without giving everyone a fair chance. However I will not know what personnel issues that may exist because that is confidential. So I will not just vote on a candidate and that be it, I will continue to monitor how he or she perform and therefore when the next election or appointment should arise, I will be able to be an informed voter.

Any deputy and/or staff member just like I am meeting with candidates seeking the appointment, I extend the opportunity to you for you to share with me your issues/concerns. Your issues/concerns will be confidential and your name will not be attached when I ask the candidates how they will respond to them.

I am suggesting that you come out to the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County Sheriff Forum on Thursday February 16, 2017 6:00 PM at the Edgecombe County Administration Building Auditorium so you can see and hear from the candidates.

Again if you have any issues/concerns, questions about the process and other I will be more than happy to assist you.

You can contact me at (252) 314-5484, emailto: cdancyii@embarqmail.com and/or message me on Facebook. I work a real job from 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM so leave me a message if you should call me in between those hours. I do have 2 breaks and a lunch so it is a possibility I will respond. 

Quote: Republican Power

That is why I have been wondering why folk think that the Democratic Party has power when they don’t have the votes. Yes they can talk and they should but to say they ain’t doing anything, well what more can they do but talk?

I am trusting and believing that time will reveal all trues soon. The people from the Republican Party that are in denial, don’t give or damn or just ignant to the fact that their children will be affected oh when it hit home. This is in regards to education, OBAMACARE and all the things that will affect them.

But time!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Curmilus Dancy II – The Watch Dog of The East.

Edgecombe County Sheriff Candidate Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson Jr. Cover Letter Sent To Edgecombe County Democratic Party

The following is a candidate seeking the appointment for the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office to replace Sheriff James Knight who will officially retire on February 28, 2017. The office of Sheriff will become vacant on March 1, 2017 until the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee meet and vote on a candidate. The name voted on by the ECDP will be given to the Edgecombe County Commissioners and they will appoint the interim Sheriff until the 2018 elections.


Cleveland Atkinson, Jr.
145 S. Kirkwood Ave. * Rocky Mount NC 27801
M) 252.885.6467 * E)


January 30, 2017

Edgecombe County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 6774
Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27802

To whom it may concern:

I, Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson, Jr., announce my candidacy for sheriff of Edgecombe County. I believe I am the most qualified candidate for the office. I have more than 20 years in law enforcement and I am currently assigned to the Governor’s Security Detail for North Carolina’s own, Governor Roy Cooper. I have served Edgecombe County in a law enforcement capacity since February 1997, most notably as a member of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

As you will see from the attached biography, I have built my career in a variety of roles. Those roles have involved mentoring youth and law enforcement officers, logging countless volunteer hours with service organizations, in and around Edgecombe County, speaking to area churches, schools, and colleges on safety issues/concerns, and training and re-training thousands of law enforcement officers across North Carolina. In addition, over the past 20 years, I have earned many public safety certifications, advanced law enforcement training and management training. I am well aware of what it takes to multitask while remaining organized and efficient.

As Sheriff of Edgecombe County, my goal is to be one of high standards, professionalism and of good moral excellence. I will have an open door policy with my deputies and provide a listening ear to our citizens. I will continue to build trust in the Sheriff’s Office by being visible, active in the community, and by increasing the transparency of the Sheriff’s Office.

Last, but certainly not least; I want you to know that it is an honor for me to take this journey. I am passionate about becoming the future Sheriff of Edgecombe County and at the possibility of becoming part of the Edgecombe County team. I hope you will join me in strengthening our foundation and developing forward thinking strategies that will allow us to work hard and stay focused on serving our community to our fullest potential.

I ask that you, my fellow citizens of Edgecombe County, put your trust in me to be your next Sheriff. Your vote and support will be humbly appreciated.

God bless you and your families,

Mr. Cleveland Atkinson, Jr.

Note: The following photo from my Facebook Photo Albums. You can click on the photo to see a video of Clee speaking at Salem Chapel MBC several months ago.

All candidates can send their cover letter and any other information you would like to share to thedcn@embarqmail.com and I will post it on my blog which automatically goes to my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln Social Media pages. I am a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee so I have a voice and a vote.

The DCN News Blog Online/TV has not endorsed any candidate yet but will do so after the Sheriff Forum on February 16, 2017

Folk Tickles The Hell Out Of Me Talking About They Are Democrats And They Voted For Donald Trump Because They Didn’t Want To Vote For Hillary Rodman Clinton

Folk tickles the hell out of me talking about they are Democrats and they voted for Donald Trump because they didn’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton. This is more funny when I read about white females making the statement.

For those who were mad that Clinton didn’t beat President Barack Obama it is my ignant opinion that they are mad because we had the 1st black President and they can’t get over it. It is funny as hell to me that for these Democrats continued madness because of Obama serving as President for 2 terms the only thing that makes these Democrats who happy is to vote for Trump. Now to me that is the too damn ignant but hell yeah that is their right and I am not mad with them. But for me I get 2 things out of all of this and that is these Democrats have a problem with a black man having been President and makes me wonder about them when it comes to blacks in any kind of authority. The 2nd thing is these Democrats are just Democrats for a particular reason but vote Republican anyway. I said that when I became actively engaged in the Democratic Party on the local, state and national level. Hell anyone who are familiar with Jesse Helms being Senator for years and NC has more Democrats that meant that Democrats voted for him but I have been in Democratic meetings and these white Democrats went out voted against their own party.

In Edgecombe County the local Democratic Party county officers/executive committee used to be a majority white. I remember going to the meetings since I became active in the late 80’s and every meeting was a fight. When the party became a majority black most whites stop coming to the meeting and some of those who continued was because they used the party to get elected as Democrats which became and entitlement with power and pay.

The NC State Democratic Party state officers/executive committee have been a mess since I began going to the meetings and being active on the executive committee since the early 90’s. I have seen the fight there with blacks seeking a balance at the table and as of today the state party still got issues. The state officers are still a majority white and the executive committee also. The division can be easily seen but nothing is being done about it.

I love reading comments from some folk who say they didn’t protest, set stuff on fire and other negatives because Hillary didn’t become President losing to Obama. Well I haven’t protested when I didn’t have any choice but to vote for a white President all of the 54 years of my life counting the years that I have been able to vote. Hell I have protested locally and statewide but peacefully. The HKonJ Moral March/Rally where I am a partner with the NC NAACP and nearly 100 other organizations and etc. will be held this Saturday February 11, 2017 in Raleigh NC Wake County at 10 AM. After the march I got to head over to Rolesville High School in Wake County for the NC Democratic State Party Executive Committee Meeting to vote on new officers and etc.

What tickles me is the majority of the folk who have a problem with politics have not been actively engaged on the local, state nor the national. That is okay but that is what makes them and I different because I am an active engaged black man with a voice and a vote.

I refuse to be silent on issues because I have been engaged. I have been actively engaged in politics since the late 80’s so when I see stuff that I feel like addressing I am going to do so. I will not be apologetic because I know politics. I know many, many of the elective officials locally, statewide and on the national. And for those whom I don’t, I have resources/contacts that know them so all I got to do is reach out to them.

I have 4,409 followers on my blog and 3,777 friends on Facebook. That is all well and fine however I don’t worry about what those numbers because I am going to continue to do what I do because it is my moral obligation.

Princeville had plan, but not action, to avoid another flood – WRAL

The Watch Dog response: This is very interesting. I feel that these types of studies need to be done in all areas affected by the floods such as in Pinetops as well. It is my belief that somebody knew that Princeville, Bynum Farm Road and other areas that flood should not had been zoned for housing anyway. But the owners of certain areas were allowed to get paid. The towns and the counties where these floods occur should be made to do something that will possibly eliminate the flooding or declare them not livable so the folk can move out of harms way.

Click on photo to watch Video


FBI’s Quiet Probe of White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement – Portside

WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND other domestic extremists maintain an active presence in U.S. police departments and other law enforcement agencies. A striking reference to that conclusion, notable for its confidence and the policy prescriptions that accompany it, appears in a classified FBI Counterterrorism Policy Guide from April 2015, obtained by The Intercept. The guide, which details the process by which the FBI enters individuals on a terrorism watchlist, the Known or Suspected Terrorist File, notes that “domestic terrorism investigations focused on militia extremists, white supremacist extremists, and sovereign citizen extremists often have identified active links to law enforcement officers,” and explains in some detail how bureau policies have been crafted to take this infiltration into account.

Although these right-wing extremists have posed a growing threat for years, federal investigators have been reluctant to publicly address that threat or to point out the movement’s longstanding strategy of infiltrating the law enforcement community.

No centralized recruitment process or set of national standards exists for the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, many of which have deep historical connections to racist ideologies. As a result, state and local police as well as sheriff’s departments present ample opportunities for white supremacists and other right-wing extremists looking to expand their power base.

In a heavily redacted version [1] of an October 2006 FBI internal intelligence assessment, the agency raised the alarm over white supremacist groups’ “historical” interest in “infiltrating law enforcement communities or recruiting law enforcement personnel.” The effort, the memo noted, “can lead to investigative breaches and can jeopardize the safety of law enforcement sources or personnel.” The memo also states that law enforcement had recently become aware of the term “ghost skins,” used among white supremacists to describe “those who avoid overt displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance white supremacist causes.” In at least one case, the FBI learned of a skinhead group encouraging ghost skins to seek employment with law enforcement agencies in order to warn crews of any investigations. (Read more)

Democratic Women Of Edgecombe County Are Holding A Sheriff Forum For Candidates And All Democrats Of Edgecombe County February 16, 2017

Press Release:

Attention all Media Outlets &All Interested Persons

Saturday February 4, 2017

Democratic Women Of Edgecombe County

“The Edgecombe County Commissioners will appoint a new sheriff after Sheriff James Knight’s resignation becomes effective on March 1, 2017.  As Sheriff Knight was elected on the Democratic ticket, the Executive Committee of the Edgecombe Democratic Party must submit a name for his replacement to the Commissioners. 

The Democratic Women of Edgecombe County are holding this informational forum not only for the voting members, but also the public on Thursday February 16, 2017 6:00 PM in the Edgecombe County Administration Building Auditorium 201 St. Andrews Street Tarboro NC. 

All persons interested in the appointment can call Curmilus Dancy II ex-officio member Edgecombe County Democratic Women and also Edgecombe County Democratic Party Precinct Chair/Executive Committee member (252) 314-5484 or send email to cdancyii@embarqmail.com or social media at www.curmilus.wordpress.com

We invite all our citizens to attend to learn about the candidates and to offer their input,” stated outgoing President Melanie Goff Bradley.

NAACP plans march against ‘Trumpism’ – WRAL

Raleigh, N.C. — Saying President Donald Trump has no authority “to run roughshod over the Constitution,” state NAACP leader Rev. William Barber announced plans Monday for a march against “Trumpism” in six weeks.

“When a president of this country … puts his hand on the Bible and swears to uphold the Constitution, that ought to mean something,” Barber said at a news conference.

He cited Trump’s plans to erect a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and crack down on cities that don’t assist in tracking down people in the country illegally, cabinet appointments that oppose voting rights and health care for all and the president’s order on Friday temporarily suspending immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations as well as all refugees seeking to settle in the U.S. (Read more)