I Spoke With Democratic Senator Don Davis/1st Congressional District Chair On Friday February 24, 2017 About The Sheriff Appointment

I spoke with Senator Don Davis/1st Congressional District Chair on yesterday because I had 2 questions for him. I had also contacted him early in January about calling a meeting for the appointment of Sheriff when I read the official press release from Sheriff James Knight. He gave me the answer that I needed.

Yesterday as I was on my way to Sheriff Knight reception held by the county and Sen. Davis returned my call. I had 2 questions for him.

Question #1: Someone asked could that guy Higgs still serve as the county Democratic Party Chair and seek the appointment of Sheriff since there are more than one Democrat seeking the appointment. I knew that during Election Time he would have to step down from the office while the election was going on but didn’t have to completely give up the office because once the election was over he could resume as the chair.

Question #2: I wanted to make sure that the time frame for sending out notices was 5 days for the meeting to be called for the county executive committee to meet to vote on the appointment. Sen. Davis confirmed that it is 5 days and not 10.

I had ran into District Attorney Wayne Boyette on Thursday and he was saying that Higgs couldn’t set up a meeting because he didn’t know who the chairs/vice chairs were going to be after the precincts met. I said it was nothing in the precinct packages that mention about Sheriff James Knight retiring. I said that it should have been and something should have been stated about a meeting being called in the package. Boyette said Higgs couldn’t do that because he had to send each chair a written notice in 10 days. I said it didn’t make any difference who the chairs/vice chairs were when he sent the packages out because if the chairs/vice chairs stayed the same then they had it but if it changed then they would have been right there so they would have been aware of an upcoming meeting. There needed to have been a meeting called on March 9 so all precincts could turn their packages in and not put them in the mail so we can meet the deadline per the statue. I told Boyette to keep on listening to Higgs. He said he was not listening to Higgs and I said okay. So I wonder where he got the 10 day notice from.

At the end of Senator Davis and I conversation he said he would be coming to Edgecombe County on the March 9th at the request of Higgs. After I hung up it came to me that this was for the Human Relations Forum. Boy they working that thing trying to justify having it instead of working trying to hold a meeting that matters the one that the party should have so an appointment can be done expeditiously. But we have the chair of the party, the secretary of the party and 3rd vice chair of the party more focused on the Human Relations Commission having a forum than carrying out their roles within the party.

It is sad the staff at the Sheriff Office is waiting impatiently for someone to be appointed so they can feel safe about their job til the end 2018 when the person appointed will have to run for the office.

Democrats in Edgecombe County you better wake up and get involved so you can know who are representing you making choices about your livelihood. 




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