Hell Yeah I Got An Attitude! I Don’t Stir Up Mess, I Make Sure Mess Is Right So Don’t Get Mad With Me Because I Ain’t Scared

Folk may say I got an attitude! Hell yeah I got one because I have stressed over the years my role in Edgecombe County Politics. I have paid the price working hard on behalf of Edgecombe County and I will not be silent when it comes to folk like that Higgs guy who was in the party when I got there to play games. I have been challenging the Higgs over the years and I will not stop now. I damn sure will not allow the newcomers who have no damn clue to come on board and act like they done figured something out. No what they need to do is to learn how they can be effective and not listening to ignant ass folk who have used the party procedures against folk that knew no better. You see I have always studied the plan and also been on the plan committee for the state. And when I need some clarity I make phone calls to folk who can give me the answers.

So hell yeah I gots an attitude because you ain’t fitting ready to mislead folk without me telling the folk the trues. Now I don’t have any control over how folk receive the trues coming from me but one thing about it you can’t say you didn’t know when you realize the truth was made known.

I know everyone don’t want to hear what I got to say and I have no problem with that, but the fact of the matter is those who have a problem with me reap the benefits of those who have given me the go ahead to be a voice for them. But trust me I am going to represent me, my family and others whether they like it or not.

Judge Wayne Boyette the last couple of times I have been in his presence he has made the comment that I was stirring up stuff. Vance Holland former reporter for the Daily Southerner, The Edgecombe Tribune and now says he is the owner of The Tar River Times call me a racist everytime I call him out on his ignant comments about the Democratic Party where he is not a member, Princeville Town Hall politics, Tarboro Town Council and now the Sheriff Appointment. Everytime I am contacted about ignant mess on the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page when I go over there and post the trues counteracting their ignant mess, I am called all kinds of stuff but you see that don’t bother me. They end up trying to discredit me when I post the trues and I keep telling them they are wasting their time trying to discredit me because I work too hard and a professional at what I do.

Folk I refuse to allow folk to promote untrues when I know what the hell I am talking about. Allowing others to promote false trues make one just as ignant and dangerous as those who does it. I ain’t the one.

So for anyone who say I am stirring up mess and call me a racist because I challenge folk black, brown, white and other, don’t get mad with me because I ain’t scared.

You heard it from me, hell yeah I gots an attitude! Get that! But I work my attitude by using the time to deal with ignant mess as an educational moment.

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