Democrats Read The Plan Of Organization For Yourself Appointment For Sheriff Process

First read the duties of the county 6 officers which consist of the chair, 1st, 2nd, 3rd vice chairs, secretary and treasurer. You will find out who suppose to do what. The duties can be found in the Plan Of Organization @ and begin on page 7 Section 2.01 Composition of County Executive Committee.

Go to The Plan Of Organization page 18 Section 2 3.11 County Elected Officials talks about filling a vacancy in your local offices such as Sheriff.

The General Statue for the Appointment of Sheriff that includes Edgecombe County @

My point has been that nothing was mentioned in the precinct package that there will be a vacancy in the Sheriff Office and that all precincts need to be aware there will be a special meeting called in March for the executive committee to meet and vote. It does not matter who the chair and vice chair will be a vote will still take place.

I keep hearing folk say what if a precinct is not organized. Okay packages went out to all organized precincts so therefore I am quite sure those same precincts will be organized. So if a precinct was not organized that means that the unorganized precinct received no package. But what a good chair would do is to look up voters in the unorganized precinct and try to get someone to organize.

I love it when folk who have no clue, don’t ever attend a Democratic Party meeting has all the answers. I can’t wait to see when the meeting will be called for the appointment. The deadline for precincts to meet is March 8. So when will the county party receive the packages from the 21 precincts so that the party can send them notices about the meeting for the appointment. As I stated earlier there should have been a meeting called on March 9th so all the precincts could have attended so the party would have all of their packages vs waiting on them to be mailed. In the past they turned them in at the county convention and so they were able to participate at the county convention. So since the party must meet and present a name to the commissioners within 30 days if some do not turn their packages in immediately how will Rev. Roosevelt Higgs know who the letters need to be sent to? How will the 1st vice chair be able to notify the entire executive committee about how many votes they will have? Again my point is no matter who the chair and vice chair is the precinct if organized will have x amount of votes. This is the numbers that all the candidates want to know and has not been able to get. Hell but anyone executive committee member should be able to get it. Actually ought to be in the secretary possession no matter who the secretary of the precinct is. If a new secretary takes over then the information is passed on.

Back to the precinct packages that went out. There was no mention of the county reception to be held for the Democratic Party Sheriff James Knight on tomorrow that is free and open to the public at the Edgecombe County Administration Bldg. Auditorium Friday February 24, 2017 from 4 PM – 7 PM. It is a damn shame that the party has not had anything nor didn’t mention anything in the package because by the time the meeting is called he will no longer be in office. But hell since they have not had anything they could atleast announce the reception on Friday February 24. The county party should be educating the local Democrats about everything that is going on pertaining to Democrats be it the local, state and national level.





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