An Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee Which Consist Of All Precincts & Elected Officials

I am requesting that the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers which consist of the Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs, 1st Vice Chair Gladys Shelton, 2nd Vice Chair Robert Byrd, 3rd Vice Chair Martha Johnson Knight, Secretary Dr. Glenda L. Knight and Treasurer Stephanie Hunter to all call a meeting and set the date for the entire Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee to meet on March 9, 2017 so the party can vote on a candidate to be submitted to the Edgecombe County Commissioners so that they can appointment a candidate to fill the office of Sheriff that will become vacant as of March 1, 2017. The county 6 officers can meet anytime the entire executive meeting is not in session and the only meetings that would consist of if I am correct is the county convention and/or any special called meetings. There is no need to prolong the appointment. If the county chair Higgs do not want to call the meeting the majority of the 5 officers left can call a meeting.

Since the annual precinct meetings are scheduled to be held today February 22 – March 8, 2017 timeframe, then there is no reason why the party can’t meet on March 9 and that way the precincts can bring their information from their precinct meetings to the meeting on March 9 and a vote can take place. Once that is done I would then ask that the county commissioners hold a special meeting just to do the appointment. However I don’t think I would have to ask because they would go ahead and call a special meeting anyway once they received a name from the party and not wait until the April 4 meeting.

All Edgecombe County Executive Committee members I asked you to join me and petition your county 6 officers to not prolong the appointment and that the office of Sheriff vacancy will not be drawn out. It was the desire of the outgoing Sheriff that the office would only be vacated a couple of days before an appointment would be made.

The office of Sheriff is the highest office in the county and has been an office that has been well respected by all races and parties. The staff of the Sheriff Office need to be able to move forward knowing who their boss will be so they can begin to concentrate on serving the citizens until the election roll around in 2018.

Note: The annual precinct meetings would have been held during this time frame and the precincts would either send their package in to verify they were organized or they could just wait until the county convention. However since there will be a vacancy in the Sheriff Office on March 1, whenever the party call the meeting to vote the precincts can bring their packages that verify they met to that meeting on the same day and vote. So therefore it appears there is a hidden agenda here.

It is sad that the party is being divided from within because of the lack of leadership. Is this what we need at a time when the other party is in control on the state and national level? Makes no sense.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair 11-1

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