Question For Me: Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment Lack Of Communication By Design Because Of Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Mess

These are the kinds of conversations that I am having almost daily by folk who are trying to figure out what is going on. This should not be.

Them: tell me who gets to vote for the sheriff, i was told all democratic elected officials do, is that true

My response: The precinct chair/vice chair of all precincts and all Democratic Elected Officials.

Them: does that that mean i would go to the executive meeting and vote

My response: Are you a registered Democrat?

Them: Yes

My response: So you should get a letter from the county party about the meeting whenever the ignant chair Higgs call the meeting.

Them: haha ok so would all our commissioners get a vote if they are registered democrats

My response: Yes all Elected Democrats. Precinct chairs like myself and my vice chair got 1 vote each for a total of 2 votes. Some precincts have up to 26 votes.

Them: so then we will get a letter from the democratic party to come to the meeting to vote

My response: Yes suppose to all voting members must be notified.




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