Tarboro 27886 Moderator Jason Clark Owner Tarboro Movie Theatre

It is funny how my posts keep getting removed but you allow your white friends to post untrues and ignant information on the forum.

Sir you can not silence me from making sure folk are educated on issues in Edgecombe County.

Folk ya’ll better wake up and see how folk you patronage want to keep you ignant to what is going on around you.

I have posted several posts that meet the guidelines but have been removed but look at how he allows certain folk to attempt to mislead and manipulate the process of the Sheriff Office Appointment.  There have been several post about the Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment that Republicans have posted about the process when they don’t have a damn thing to do with what the Democratic Party process for appointing a Sheriff.

And don’t even mention how he allows them ignants to come after me trying to discredit me but you see I can handle them. And when I get the best of them they remove their posts. I love it!


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