Edgecombe County Democratic Party Annual Precincts Meetings Don’t Let Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Party Chair Try To Intimidate You About When To Have Your Meeting

This is the information that was sent out by the county party however I am reading the copy that was handed to me by the party secretary Dr. Glenda L. Knight during the Sheriff Forum on last Thursday. I was going to make the announcement however the outgoing chair of the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County made the announcement during her closing out of the forum.


All Edgecombe County Democratic Party Annual Meetings are scheduled for Wednesday February 22, 2017. Make up dates are any dates between February 23 and March 8, 2017.

Meetings are free and open to any registered Democrat residing in the precinct.

For more information, please contact your Democratic Party Chair or the Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Higgs, County Chair at 252-907-8311.

Higgs left me a voicemail trying to intimidate me to have my meeting on February 22 so anyone listening to that clown who yes is a Rev. but not a Dr. if you need more information you need to contact me the chair of the precinct 11-1 at (252) 314-5484.

Precinct 11-1 Precinct Meeting will be held on Tuesday February 28 6:00 PM Lewis Fire Department the day that our fine Sheriff James Knight official retirement.

The candidates who are seeking the appointment of Sheriff has not been able to get the official voting strength per the precincts because some precincts have more votes than others. So at the moment the party chair and the county 6 officers ought to be able to provide that information especially the secretary.

Higgs is playing upon folk intelligence as if the party could not meet between March 1 – 6 to be able to give a name to the Edgecombe County Commissioners so we could have an appointed Sheriff just days after Sheriff Knight retirement becomes effective. But nope Higgs want to keep confusion by holding off.

There is no such thing as we have to wait until after all the precincts have met by March 8. The last time I checked March 6  do not come after March 8 so if any precinct is not organized they could get organized before or by March 6 so they could vote. No precinct that is organized will be considered unorganized unless they do not meet before March 8.

It never seems to amaze me how Democrats allow Higgs to play them. I challenge his ass every meeting and make statements so that those in the room can see just what is going on. But he got them fooled.

The county 6 officers which consist of Higgs, 1st, 2nd, 3rd vice chairs, secretary and treasurer can meet and act whenever the entire county executive committee is not in session. But the 6 county officers are just that. If they were about what is good for the county they would not allow Higgs to call the shots. The last time I checked 5 is more than 1 but I know who we are working with.

The Good Democrats of Edgecombe County along with Democrats that represent the citizens of Edgecombe County on the State and National levels should all be requesting that Rev. Roosevelt Higgs resign his post as the Democratic Party Chair effective immediately.

The following are messages that Higgs left on my voicemail. Sad! But he knows he don’t intimidate me.

Rev. Ignant Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Message #1

Audio Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Democratic Party Chair Bet He Voted For Trump #2

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Know He Can’t Intimidate Me How Ignant Voicemail #3

Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Know He Can’t Intimidate Me How Ignant Voicemail #4


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