Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Can Not Support Former Detective Larry Woodley

I had been hearing Larry Woodley name floating around that he was going to seek the Sheriff Appointment. On last Wednesday Woodley called me because he said he had read the article in the newspaper about the Sheriff Forum. He said he had spoken to a commissioner and they had already made up their mind. He said how could they do that when they didn’t know who all of the candidates were going to be? He said he wanted to throw his name in to give folk an option. He asked what did he need to do to participate in the forum. I said just show up. Woodley showed up.

Now a little background history. I know Woodley and Woodley know me. So if he was interested knowing how active and engaged I am into politics but moreso know the role I played in the appointment of Sheriff James Knight what he thought I was waiting on him to be my option. Did he think I was going to be silent about the appointment? Well obviously he has not been reading my blog and posts on my social media pages. Woodley was a candidate when we appointed Sheriff Knight along with now Retired Rocky Mount Police Chief John Manley. I remember Woodley when he was employed with Tarboro Police Department before going to Rocky Mount.

What tickled the hell out of me is how Woodley would call Social Services Director Marva Scott’s name who sued Edgecombe County because of a couple of ignant folk who had a problem with her and they fired her. Of course you know Scott is back and they had to pay her for all of the time lost which I believe was around one year. Who was the chair of Social Services? Who were they conspiring with? Even the County Commissioners were ignant when it came to Scott. Well they lost.

But what tickled the hell out of me the most is the comment Woodley made that he and Sheriff Knight had gone through this process before and that when Knight won he said he would support Knight and Knight said he would support him. Woodley said Knight had his time and now it was his time. Shaking my damn head! Now I played a major role in that appointment and I don’t remember no b.s. like that. John Manley came to Pinetops and was the MC for the event we had for Sheriff Knight shortly after he was appointed. Later Manley went on to become the Chief of Rocky Mount Police. I told him during Knight appointment at that time just wait a while his time was coming and I don’t think he feel bad about ending up being the Chief of Rocky Mount Police.

I have not heard one person say they would want to see Woodley be appointed to Sheriff. Actually I refuse to say what I am hearing.

The reason why I asked the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County to host the Sheriff Forum on Thursday was so that we can see who are seeking the appointment and so that the community can put a face with the names.

You see I hate this appointment is going to bring on some unnecessary division simply because the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is doing what he does best, manipulating the process and thinks it is funny. I don’t play games when it comes to folk wanting to represent me and playing with folk livelihood.

So knowing what I know and after the forum on Thursday, The DCN News Blog Online TV endorses Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson.

Note: Click on the following links

Sheriff Forum Hosted By Edgecombe County Democratic Women Part 1

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