Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Can Not Support Chief Deputy Allen Moseley

When I learned about the official announcement of Sheriff James Knight retiring in the newspaper, I said to him oh you have made it public. I did not receive the press release.

I immediately asked him was Chief Deputy Allen Moseley interested in the appointment and he told me … I will get back to that later.

I have been in Moseley’s presence quite much over the years because I played a major role in the appointment of Sheriff James Knight. I have been actively engaged in politics of Edgecombe County since long before Knight’s appointment and then elected to become Sheriff. I had a vote in the appointment however a community meeting was held sponsored by Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and h)e was trying to get Donnie Taylor appointed. The folk in the meeting said they wanted James Knight so we sat Higgs ignant ass down and made Roy Gray chair of the community meeting and I was secretary of the group. I was asked to talk to some of the deputies to see if they wanted someone from the inside or the outside and their response at that time was the inside. So therefore I was going to start my process from finding out what some on the inside wanted and then I would make my choice from doing my homework but also keeping in mind which I felt based on my opinion from the facts I gathered what would be best. But it really makes a difference when you are involved in politics and know the folk involved. I am over qualified when it comes to politics of Edgecombe County.

After meeting for around 1 hour or more at West Edgecombe Baptist Church a couple of Saturdays morning ago when with Moseley I explained to him to keep in mind the difference in an appointment and an election. I actually tried to discourage him into not seeking the appointment for several reasons. I told him if he asked me I would tell him what I thought would be best but he never did. Just because I would have told him had no bearing over whether he wanted to put his name in the hat at all because he is in control of the choices he make.

Now back to when I asked Sheriff James Knight was Moseley interested and he told me that Moseley was not interested and that he had met with Clee Atkinson and that he would support him. Well I had been waiting to hear from anyone and everyone that were going to seek the appointment so I was glad to receive the call because I like to talk to folk before I post about them but it do not always work that way. But Moseley is seeking the appointment and I was not going to contact him nor any others, but someone did tell me to go by his office and talk to him. I said nope if he wants to talk to me he will contact me.

Moseley told me about his time at the Sheriff Office, some of the things he has done and some things he would like to see done. They sounded good however what I stressed to him was that he need to keep in mind this is an appointment and not election time.

I have received messages from some folk inside that said they would support Moseley over Richard Allen because he only had a couple of years and he would probably retire. Some said they wanted someone from the outside because they had some issues with Moseley how he talked to them and other but I also am not ignant to the fact that sometimes when folk in authority say things some folk have an issue with them. It was brought to my attention of an incident during Hurricane Matthews that didn’t seem favorable on Moseley’s behalf. I will not go into the specifics.

I had told folk that I had been told by Knight that Moseley was not interested in the office that he was going to support Atkinson. Several weeks ago I was hearing that Moseley was saying he was interested and then it was confirmed that he we going to seek the appointment. Well I watch and listen carefully when I deal with folk who want to represent me and the folk in Edgecombe County. Although I feel Moseley is capable of doing the job from what I know of him but being capable and having some other to go along with the office is very important.

My problem is one I have not heard him say he has the endorsement of his outgoing boss. After talking to Moseley I don’t see him having the resources from outside of Edgecombe County such as neighboring Sheriff Offices and the hard hitters with money in and influence. Sheriff Knight had resources and strong support from all races, all parties and in the community. I do not see this with Moseley and this is a serious problem. Years working in the Sheriff Office do not automatically make one the best candidate. I didn’t say the most qualified because qualifications are limited to certain things but being the best has no limits, oh just my ignant opinion.

I told Moseley to do not get caught up with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs because he has nothing to offer him. However sources told me that is who Moseley has been relying on and that Moseley himself told me that at the Dr. Martin L. King Breakfast that Higgs approached him about the appointment.

So if Moseley actually met with Atkinson and agreed to support him, but now seeking the appointment, I see division in the house already. So if Atkinson win the appointment do you think it would make sense to keep Moseley in a position close to him? You see I hate this appointment is going to bring on some unnecessary division simply because the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is doing what he does best, manipulating the process and thinks it is funny. I don’t play games when it comes to folk wanting to represent me and playing with folk livelihood.

So knowing what I know and has spoken to Moseley and Atkinson, The DCN News Blog Online TV endorses Cleveland (Clee) Atkinson.

The reason why I asked the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County to host the Sheriff Forum on Thursday was so that we can see who are seeking the appointment and so that the community can put a face with the names.

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2 thoughts on “Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Can Not Support Chief Deputy Allen Moseley

  1. According to your articles you run edgecombe county. Maybe you should run for office yourself since you always know the truth. It’s a shame that you think you are always right and everyone else is wrong.


    • Ignant if I wanted to run for an office I would. Just because I know what the hell I am talking about obviously that bothers you. Get the hell over it.

      I have not said anyone was wrong about anything so don’t be posting your ignant untrues here. Stick with the facts. SMDH!


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