"FEMA’s Insuffiecient Contractural-House Inspection Leaves Residents in Treacherous Darkness to Toxic Mold"

Edgecombe County, NC_____(Princeville to be specific) “God Is My Witness” says Commissioner Milton Bullock of Ward 1 in devastated Town of Princeville which has repetitiously been known for flooding that dates back as far as the 1700’s. Native born; Commissioner Bullock who has been wearing various hats in his role of trying to expedite the return and the recovery of many of his constituents back to their homes has noticed with intensity the lack there of; and the presence of slowness retarded progression of resolving the situation plaguing the community of Princeville. With his residence being inspected and tagged 10/24/16 with a “Green Tag” meaning that the house he is living in was habitable and no visible flood water had entered residence! This was considered by Commissioner Bullock, as nothing short of a ‘Gifted Blessing from God Himself’!

Moving back in with minor damages, he had to schedule inspections by FEMA policy in order to assess the damages for repair. Bullock says he had two FEMA Inspectors (at different times) to come out and do their inspections. The first, (a male) Inspector gave Commissioner Bullock a passing grade of ‘no water entered and there was no water in the duct work under the house nor any water entered into the HVAC unit. Another proclaimed blessing! A month later it is ordered by FEMA policy to have another inspection. This was performed by a (female) who also gave the the same approval as mentioned prior. So with two Professional Inspectors referred by and representing FEMA, he had nothing to second guess about the safety of his resident. [All False Pretense being lead by Misinformation] that could’ve contributed to his death over a period of a very short time.

A very short time had he not been approached 3 months later by an independent contractor that was inspecting the actual damages of the HVAC unit for ‘repairs’ that were recommended by both FEMA Inspectors. It isn’t any wonder that these FEMA Inspectors Nationwide has been instructed to cut costs at any and by any means necessary-regardless of safety and security and health of the individual families being unconsciously yet deliberately “SHAFTED!” So during the (3) Independent Contractor inspection of the work, he advises me with a question “Mr. Bullock, did you know you had water in your duct work under your house?” I was baffled to no end, for I would have betted anyone that my house was safe and there were no sign of water to be found anywhere!” He ask me to come to the crawl hole beneath the house and took his screwdriver and pointed to me and asked did the previous inspectors show me the sagging ducts while punching a hole in one and releasing about 2-3 gallons of water that wasn’t supposed to have been there.

I wasn’t totally shocked, but more amazed with fear of what I could have been breathing with the hot summer months coming in spring and the heat and the mold and the bacteria manifesting the toxic spores of mole and only God knows what else; and my already compromised pulmonary breathing issues; inhaling and exhaling such deadly invisible fumes! FYI. I’m suggesting and revealing this (perhaps) ‘news breaking’ info for the residents of this area. For I’m sure these same criminal, malfeasant practices of omission were practiced during-“Hurricane KATRINA” and obviously continuing in all the other natural disasters that happened throughout North America! I have one last word of hope for folks like myself who have been left out in the forest without a leg to stand on; that perhaps our last hope via “President Donald Trump” (with God’s Intervention) will receive my letter of invite to come and [Drain The Real SWAMP] while mustering the “WILL POWER” to pull all the covers off of each and every culprits and their corruptive behavior and expose them to the World!

I just pray and hope that those of you who were lead to think your house was adequately being inspected didn’t buy the ‘Pig In The Bag’ just because the seller looked like they were the ‘Real Deal’! If this isn’t a first class act of fraud and deception meriting a class action legal reaction I’d draw my conclusion that this must be my imagination! But I for one among a few know better! And they say; “The Is America” makes one really and truly wonder about the statement. To God BE All The GLORY as we tread with HIM through these perilous times.

Submitted by;

Milton Bullock / Contributing Writer

Commissioner of Historical Princeville, NC

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