Politics When You Know How It Works The Better Off You Will Be

​This is politics and when one recognize and understand how it works the better off one will be. 

If I wanted to ask a question I would ask do ya’ll think it is okay not to meet with elected officials, community leaders and others that you don’t vote for and/or don’t like?

What you will get is you never asked for anything and then they can use that against you whether you like it or not.

Folk there are numerous of folk that meet with these folk all the time.

I am waiting for folk to get mad about what is going on locally because I know who has been and are involved.

I have been calling folk out locally while others call out behind their back. There is a hell of more damage done in your local areas than worrying about who Steve Harvey met with.

Hell here in North Carolina former Governor McCrory and the Republican Legislators have tore up NC.


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