Wait And See!

I am just asking! So his ratings mean what?

Yes it is good to fight but with facts and in a fashion that will help affect change. His ratings well again mean what?

To educate folk about any ignance displayed is always good.

But to get mad with me because you have a problem with how I respond to the ignance makes no sense. Just because I talk to the enemy to hold them accountable does not mean I agree with everything they say or does. What I recognize and understand that I will be stuck with a candidate that was elected for 2 or 4 years so I can only hope that they do something that will help folk and not hurt them.

Ok for our President Trump I am just going to wait and see how his supporters respond to what he does that will affect them. I am going to watch to see if they will get it, act like they don’t understand, be in denial or just don’t give a damn.

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