Steve Harvey & President Donald Trump

So this is what folk are mad with Steve Harvey about, “Steve Harvey pays a visit to President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower.” Well he is a comedian and he meet with and have folk to call in to his morning show.

What I read is after he met with them he felt that they were sincere. Well that is his opinion. He may be wrong and he may be right. All I know is I can’t do anything but wait and see what happens.

My question is if you had a chance to meet with elected officials be it one you like or don’t like to voice your opinion about your community …would you meet with them

After meeting with them would you report back how you really felt after speaking with them or would you just report that you just don’t want to have anything to do with them even if they sounded sincere?

Just asking?

All I know is this is a wait and see moment for me because I can’t keep Trump and whomever he appoints out of the White House.

I just hope all of these folk who are mad with Steve Harvey because he met with Trump em that these folk are actually engaged in local politics and at the state level where one can really affect change,

Do Some Homework

People only go by what they hear majority of the time and don’t research to get more information. They take sound bites and run with them. When information come on my social media sites first thing I do is look at the source and if I feel that source has a good track record then I may pass on the information. But what I try to do is research other sources that I feel have a good track record and then I feel better about sharing stuff.

Some folk just share stuff and it could come from a source no one has ever heard of and they will act as if it is fact.

Folk all I am saying is do some homework if you going to repeat information that folk should know.

Wait And See!

I am just asking! So his ratings mean what?

Yes it is good to fight but with facts and in a fashion that will help affect change. His ratings well again mean what?

To educate folk about any ignance displayed is always good.

But to get mad with me because you have a problem with how I respond to the ignance makes no sense. Just because I talk to the enemy to hold them accountable does not mean I agree with everything they say or does. What I recognize and understand that I will be stuck with a candidate that was elected for 2 or 4 years so I can only hope that they do something that will help folk and not hurt them.

Ok for our President Trump I am just going to wait and see how his supporters respond to what he does that will affect them. I am going to watch to see if they will get it, act like they don’t understand, be in denial or just don’t give a damn.

Are You Actively Engaged In Politics?

Folk tickles the hell out of me when it comes to politics as if they got all the answers, know what is going to be and how others should feel just because they feel some type a way.

Questions for you:

Are you involved on the local and state level?

Do you know the facts when you speak or are you just repeating what you read or heard without doing further research?

Do you just get excited about who the President is?

If I know you personally I know if you are actively engaged in politics and if I don’t know you directly I can somewhat tell if you are actively engaged so therefore that is how I respond or don’t respond to folk.