Edgecombe County Hurricane Matthew Flood Recovery: Home Repairs – If You Or Someone That Does Home Repairs Please List Your Name Or Names That You Know And What You Or They Specialize In

Hurricane Matthew 2016 has left communities all torn up again following Hurricane Floyd that came through in 1999.

Elderly/limited income folk but not limited to who have limited resources need some type of guidance and direction to move forward so they will not be discouraged.

Elderly/limited income folk but not limited to are at various stages in the recovery process. Therefore there need to be some communication about resources as to the levels of where folk needs can be met if meet qualifications.

These are 9 stages of the flood recovery process for repairing a home that I have come up with but there could be more.

Step 1: Gut house out if home is suitable to be repaired.

Step 2: Let home dry out to get all moisture out.

Step 3: Need to get county inspector to come out and inspect to see if home is ready to begin the repair process so therefore you will be given a building permit.

Step 4: Need to do hvac work ie: duct work insulation under the home if you have insulation under your home so that heat/air system can be installed.

Step 5: Need to put insulation in the walls.

Step 6: Need to put sheetrock up, and also paint if can do both.

Step 7: Then can begin to put up doors, blinds, curtains and etc.

Step 8: Need to do flooring ie: carpet, tile and/or some type of floor covering.

Step 9: Ready to begin hauling in furniture bedding/mattress and then other necessities.

Elderly/limited income folk but not limited to especially need resources so there should be communication as to where folk can turn for help at the various stages in their repair process.

Most folk have already have had their homes gutted out. These homes should be dried so therefore there should not be any reason for the county inspector to deny someone to begin their repair process if their home is repairable. In order to repair a home must have electric at the site and according to the level of water in the home one may have to get electrical work done such as replace wiring inside the home. However one may get a temporary permit to put up a temporary electrical box on a pole so that will allow a licensed electrician to work on the home.

Elderly/limited income folk but not limited to want to know are there any resources to help them at the various stages they are in.

Resources need: Prefer volunteers but if you or someone you know will charge a reasonable fee and not jacked up fees please list here.

Volunteer organizations, contractors and/or individuals to do different stages of the repair process.

Free furniture – Where located to apply for.

Note: This is just something I came up with as I deal with working on my flooded property where my dad lives and dealing with folk that are in the flood recovery process. Many folk who are in recovery that are not elderly or on limited income are trying to see will the Hazardous Mitigation Process ie: Elevation, Acquisition and Buyout be of a benefit to them. Folk who can repair their homes have been told to go ahead and do what they can to get back into their homes so that they will have somewhere to stay until the Hazardous Mitigation Process is finalized. This could be up to 3 – 4 years.

The Hazardous Mitigation Process consist of elevation but the state has not decided how high homes may have to be raised. The acquisition consist of replacing homes that are not repairable with a home of the same value. Buyout consist of homes being bought and one will be given fair market value for what their house is worth and then have to give up the land the home is on and no livable property can be ever put on the land again.

Folk are asking what is the county saying about the Hazardous Mitigation Process and the last I heard is that there is suppose to be a meeting in the NC General Assembly sometime in latter February to finalize the process.

There is a Long Term Flood Flood Committee monthly meeting that is in the process that consist of 5 counties (Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton and Wilson) that I have attended twice as 2nd Vice Chair of the local Rocky Mount Edgecombe NAACP Chapter. The first meeting was held in Rocky Mount at the Red Cross facility in Rocky Mount NC and today the meeting was held at Michael’s Angels Girls Club in Tarboro NC. Future meetings will be held at Michael’s Angels Girls Club. As soon as I get information to forward I will share what the mission of the committee is. If the right folk are participating in the committee I see the Long Term Recovery Committee as being a resource and a sense of hope to help folk along the way.

I will be submitting names to the current LTR Committee as to who I feel need to be at the table however they may already have been invited. If I find out they have then I want to know why they are not attending especially local and state elected officials, local churches, community organizations and individuals who should play a role in the Long Term Recovery process.

I am going to challenge all folk to get involved. We must do this for our community. We should be our brothers and sisters keeper.




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