President Obama Put It Out There In His Farewell Speech But Don’t Get It Twisted

President Obama said if you don’t like what is going on around you politically then get a clipboard, show up, dive in and stay at it. This could mean just being an community and/or political activist and not just running for office.

Okay folk don’t think that it will be easy to go straight to the top you must know where to show up, how and when to dive in and then encourage yourself to stay in because you may not get the support from those who you thought would stand with you.

Remember President Obama also said you will win sometimes and you will lose sometimes.

To Have Lived To See President 44 Barack Obama

I survived all the Presidents that have been elected/selected since my 54 years here. I survived President Obama and I trust I will survive the current President and future Presidents.

What tickles the hell out of me is black folk who say President Obama has not done anything for black folk. Well I think much of Ignant Racist White Folk who disrespected my President, but for Ignant Safe Negroes to disrespect him was a bit the chew. Well I have not suffered not one bit since President Obama has been in office for the past 8 years so I wish these ignants will tell me and/or show me how he/she has suffered.

What I do know is that I will not spend time talking about what President Obama did and/or didn’t do because he has served his time. His record speaks for itself and I will not debate anyone about his record. However what I will say is that it would not have made a difference if it had been President Obama or any other black man elected as President that he would not have been treated any different.

In my closing what I have been worried about for the past 8 years is that someone would have tried to take his life. So today I was glad to see President Obama come and I am glad to see him go alive.