New Years Challenge: As The Year 2017 Begins, Move Forward In 2017 With Less Stress

I hear folk talk about Facebook and they are going to delete their account and etc. because of the things folk say. Well I tell them they are going to be in the dark. Facebook just like anything, can be good or bad and I told them you have to tune out that which is not for you and take in what may be of interest to you.

You never know what some folk are going through because you can not look at the outer body and see what is going on in the inner body. And folk hold it in and eventually it hit them head on.

I have been stressed out over some things that many could not have endured. Some folk thought I was rich growing up because I had lots of things that other children didn’t have. All of that was good but there comes a time when it ain’t about material things because there is more to life such as peace and happiness. Material things come and go.

Some folk think that when it appears as if I am sleep or wondering off they think it is sleep but folk just don’t know all that goes through my mind on a daily basis. I think about one of my most faithful supporters (Ms. Elizabeth Ohree) who is in her early 90’s now who have always told me that her daughter said my head was going to bust wide open. Sometimes I wonder when. Ms. Ohree have always called me over the years and kept me encouraged and because of folk like her, I have been motivated to do what I do, whatever that is. Sometimes I wonder.

Because I was raised to help somebody watching how my parents were always helping others, that is what I based my life on not caring if I had anything. I would give my last sacrificing my family.

I have been told over the years I can’t save the world but I had the mentality that I had to do whatever I can so therefore I have been doing things that most folk would have never done. They gave me encouraging words but I think about where we could be if they had stepped up to the plate and we worked together.

I have taken my stress and tried to make other folk around me happy family included while I have been hurting and even those folk sometimes brought on more pain and hurt. It was as if the more I do the more they expected. So therefore I had to move on from some folk but then it was just a different set of folk and the cycle repeated itself over and over again.

I have wanted to throw in the towel many times over the years however I would just do things that would make me happy for just a little while but then the hurt and pain would just flare up again.

I have hurt some folk in my life while helping some. If I have hurt you please except my apology on this day.

So as the year 2017 begins I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that whatever it is, it will be well with my soul. I do know I am tired! Losing a daughter that is still alive, losing a mother, my dad 3 surgeries 2 hip replacements and a wreck, going through 2 floods amongst some other things, I think it is time to deal with my stress so I can move forward wherever that is.

P.S. I hope this short story will help someone. Do not try to figure out my story because you don’t know my story and can’t nobody tell my story but me. Maybe you got a story so I encourage you to take the time out to examine it and move forward in 2017 with less stress.

Jessica Eason Exum said it best on Facebook: “To be Happy you must let go of what is gone, be Grateful for what remains, and Look forward to what is coming next!!”