Hurricane Matthews: Meredith Lloyd Family Give Special Thanks To Michael’s Angels Donation Center & Share Their Flood Status

Hello my name is Meredith Lloyd, I would like to give a special thanks to Michael angels and staff for supporting my husband my daughter and myself through the time of Sorrow. We lost everything in our home due to the flooding of Princeville North Carolina, this is our first time experience anything like this and it’s very very very overwhelming. We live at 436 Mutual Boulevard Princeville North Carolina 27886, we are now currently staying at the hotel in rockymount at the Holiday Inn Express. We’ve been here two months in a one area stay just trying to get used to this is very hard. If you don’t know the Lord but prayer changes things and Michael angels has been very very very helpful to my family and others doing this disaster time. We both can’t work right now  due to my husband has been trying to take care of business ever since this happened cause causing him not to be able to work, if he go to work he would have to get off early all the time just to handle our business. He’s having a hard time trying to get someone to come in and do the contract because everyone is so expensive.We’re now waiting on a trailer from FEMA so it can seem like home again for us, sometimes we get depressed about the situation it can make you lose your mind if you let it and you have different ones telling you different things and you really don’t know which way to go but to trust in God. First time not to celebrate Thanksgiving at home now Christmas is coming up and we want be home for this special once again my family really want that thank Michael Angels and her staff and the ones who have made donations to make it possible for the residence who live in Princeville.


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