Hurricane Matthews: Danelle Hewlin A 14 Year Old Flood Victim & A Member Michael’s Angels Girl Club Share Her Flood Experience

My name is Danelle Hewlin and I am 14 years old.  I am a member of the Michael’s  Angels  Girls Club and I am also a victim of Hurricane Matthew.  I remember leaving early in the morning, thinking we would just be gone for a day or two.  I only got a chance to pack things such as clothes, my phone, and a few things to keep me occupied while I was gone.  My family and I went to say at my grandmother’s house and we stayed for about 2 weeks.  I kinda knew we weren’t going to be able to return home after about 4 days.  I had realized this after my friend asked me had I saw the news.  She has told me the water had covered the first story of our house.  I didn’t know what to think of it until I saw the pictures of how much damage there was.  Thankfully after hurricane Matthew we were able to move.  It took some time to get use to because we weren’t able to move properly and most of out things got destroyed during the flood.  For hurricane Matthew victims, the Michael’s  Angels Girl’s  Club organized in their building supplies for them to get.  I think this is an amazing idea since there are people who really needs things that they have lost.  My family have been blessed to receive a lot of what we need and I enjoy helping out at Michael’s  Angel’s because I know what it feels like.  Even though I have lost a lot, I know there are people out there who still have no where to stay, so I am thankful.  I pray that everyone keeps their head up and keep a positive attitude and we will get through this.


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