Hurricane Matthews: Edgecombe County Inspector Is Not Clear On The Inspection Process (Folk Ask Questions & Seek Advice)

I am working hard trying to get the flooded out property repaired and it appears the county inspector has no sympathy for doing what is right.

I have gone to the Edgecombe County Planning & Inspections Office twice when the first time they ought to have given me specifics on the checklist for what I needed to do to get electricity to the house. They act as if I was doing a new construction or a complete construction talking about I needed a temporary pole. I don’t need anything temporary on the property, I am trying to get the property ready so my dad can get back home.

I understand the process went through it in 1999. On October 8, 2016 Hurricane Matthews came through and our property had around a foot and an half of water inside of the house. My dad had to be brought out on a boat because the water outside of the house was around 4 feet. When we were allowed to go to the property around 2 days later, the electricity was working fine, lights on and appliance working. Around a day or 2 later EMC came out they disconnected service to the property.

I went to get a permit to begin the process of repairing the property. I went into the Inspection and Planning Office to fill out paperwork and was told the inspector would be out the following day. Well I was looking for them to leave something at the home to let me know they had been however after not seeing anything and not hearing from anyone I decided to call. I then had to go by the office to pick up the following. I said what is this and the reception couldn’t tell me and an inspector came through and he said I needed a a temporary pole but I said what do I need to do to get the electricity ran directly to the house. I said I need to put on sheetrock and need to make sure the house has electricity before I close in the walls. I then called some electricians and the response I was getting from them didn’t sound good and the main thing is they were talking as if the water had got up to breaker box inside of the house which was far from it. They said they had talked to the county inspections office and they were saying that if the house had a red tag on it then the house needed rewiring. I said the house had a yellow tag. This makes no sense because the county could have looked up my property and gave them the correct answer to the color of the tag that was placed on the property.

The house has new wiring that was installed around 2003 so I know the house didn’t need all new wiring. So in other words the way the checklist is written it leaves room for an electrician to get over on folk.

One electrician came out inspected property and was talking about charging $4300 see below and I said really?

I had an electrician to come out on Friday and another on Saturday and the one on Saturday is coming back to do the work on Tuesday and gave me an estimate of under $500.00. He said all I needed was the service box and the wiring running to the box. He said all the other wiring looked good but after replacing the service and the wiring running to the box they would check to make sure that is all I need. This makes sense. Why they couldn’t say that the first time?




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