Daily News: KING: The Democratic Party deserves so much of the blame for electing Donald Trump

The Watch Dog response: I registered as a Democrat in 1980 because yes my parents were however I liked the Democratic Platform. I became actively engaged as a precinct vice chair in the late 80’s and moved on to serve on the county level all the way to being appointed as the county chair from 1998 – 1999. I didn’t run for chair because I know they were not ready for me. However this is the last time the party has had a Democratic Gathering that was held at the National Guard Armory. Many who had stopped coming to meetings began to come back because my meetings started on time and ended on time with a very, very structured and informed agenda. I remember back in the 80’s the county party officers were a majority white and not reflective of the whole county and almost every meeting it was a racial fight as the meetings were held. I challenged them all black, brown, white and others to just do what was right. Although there was a racial issue I recognized not only were some of the whites registered as Democrats but I truly feel voted Republican but there were some blacks who played both sides as well. In the early 2000’s I was invited to some meetings held in several counties trying to start a 3rd party but as usual it went nowhere because some were so loyal to the Democratic Party. I have stated time and time again that the North Carolina State Democratic Party continues to hold up just where we are because the officers normally have only 1 to 2 blacks elected to serve. The State Executive Committee is a majority white. Some years ago there was an African American Caucus formed as an auxiliary of the NC State Democratic Party. I have attended several meetings locally and across the state but have never joined because for me it was and is useless because the AAC has no power. So for me the following article is right on! When I joined the county party a black person told me they needed me because I didn’t like white folk and they were talking about my letters to the editors where I was not afraid to say what I mean and mean what I say as a young black male in my early 20’s. I told them I was for justice no matter who it was for or against, that I had no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest. I am going to always be on the side of right especially when I am dealing with other folk lives. Today I am still fighting for what is right and just speaking out against injustices although I recognize and understand some folk don’t appreciate what I do but they have benefitted from my works. So I will continue to do what I do because it ain’t about popularity but about what is right.

Election Day 2016 was a miserable failure for the Democratic Party. When all the votes are counted, it appears that Donald Trump will have won 30 states and at least 300 Electoral College votes. After months of tough talk, Democrats not only lost the presidency, but lost the Senate and continued to lose the House. It was a thorough drubbing. Calling it anything other than that is a damn lie.

But I must linger there for a while. The Democratic Party has mastered lying to itself and its core constituencies. It claims a progressive identity, but is as moderate and lukewarm as it has ever been on so many issues that matter to everyday people. It claims to be tough on Wall Street, financial corruption and white collar crime, but is awash in donations from lobbyists and executives in the industry. Democrats claim to be the party of working people, but so often seem to be deeply out of touch with their problems and needs. (Read more)

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