“Buyout Program Option Campaign” To Be Held In Princeville NC On The Street – Really?

imageFirst of all folk look to me to get correct information and good information out. Now this right here, I find quite interesting.

On Saturday morning I heard this meeting announced on WCPS. Later I made a phone call to the number listed to find out it was Rev. Roosevelt Higgs. Well I recognized the number but called to get more information because I wanted to know who were going to be there. I was told it was a campaign kickoff. He said it was a flyer so I asked that he get it to me.

I began to get involved as a community and political activist back in the late 80’s. I committed myself to help make Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play. I refuse to allow anyone to mislead

It is interesting that Rev. Higgs didn’t even attend the meeting with Governor Pat McCrory and the Flood Committee a little over a week ago. There were questions about the buyout that needed to be answered and the FEMA representative could not truly answer the question. Those who attended the meeting are waiting on the responses to the buyout questions along with some other questions.

One question was if a buyout is offered would the citizens of Princeville be able to participate in the buyout if the Town Commissioners chose not to participate in the buyout. FEMA said they couldn’t answer the question and would get back with an answer. The citizens were not allowed to participate in the buyout in 1999 because the Town Commissioners voted against the buyout.

My concern about the meeting is this being a Rev. Roosevelt Higgs only because over the years there has never been a real meeting of the 2 made up organizations listed. Actually the ECCAAP is something that he cooked up because he has talked so much bull manure about the NAACP. The Tarboro/RMT Edgecombe Ministerial Church Council wow, I don’t know of one church that is a member of it. Actually what church is Rev. Higgs a member of?

The buyout may sound good to some and may not sound good to others. I truly believe it should be based on individuals decision.

I have a house in Pinetops that was flooded and my daddy wants to go back and I am working hard everyday trying to make it happen. Do I want him to go back? No! But whatever makes him happy.


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