Governor Pat McCrory Flood Recovery Team comes to Edgecombe County. This is my response.

Good morning Mr. Governor, your team, my County Commissioners and others.

My name is Curmilus Dancy II and I worked to help get information out during the 99 flood and doing it again in 2016.

I found out about meeting last night so I had to contact my job to say I was going to attend this meeting. I wish the real folk who are affected was here so you could really hear their cry but they are at work or didn’t know. The timing of these meetings to me not good but thank you for whatever you do.

Thank you for coming. I was affected by the 99 flood and now again in 2016.

In 99 Gov. Jim Hunt came to Pinetops where I lived however I understand we lost 2 children, a man, his wife and daughter and grand daughter. I hope you have been on the ground throughout the county to see the effects.

I have heard there are so much money in the rainy day fund or wherever the legislature has it so since we experienced this in 99 what is the problem?

Also I find it interesting that I see no flood victim from 99 on this committee. However I know Mr. Wadsworth.

I would like to be added to mailing list so I can help get information out to the 1000s of folk whom follow my blog The DCN News Blog Online TV.

Thank you again for coming here today.

Watch the video: Governor Pat McCrory & Flood Recovery Team Comes To Edgecombe County


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