Damn Shame! North Carolinians Have Spoken

Well the voters have spoken in North Carolina and voted against morality. It does not surprise me but just didn’t think that the voters would take this route.

I know they didn’t like a black man being a President but didn’t think they would support a Governor who played a role creating laws that works against black and white folk.

I listen to these guys talking on TV about what they think about the elections results and what they think are the reasons why the Republican vote won so many races. One response that tickled the hell out of me is that folk are tired of what is going on in Washington. Well damn the Republicans have been running Washington so I don’t get it. But some things I don’t try to get and just take it as face value.

My ignant opinion is that the reason why the voting is going down as is is because it is not about what is in the best interest of the people but all about trying to discredit a black man being the 44th President of these United States.

Well I am not going to lose one bit of sleep tonight because of the outcome of this election. What I know is that I am going to wake up this morning and go to work just like I did on yesterday. I will continue to work for what I want and take care of my family.

I will survive the outcome of this election just like I have all of the others and those my forefathers endured as well.


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