Presidential Election I Be So Damn Glad When November 8, 2016 Because I Am So Sick Of Ignant Damn Conversations About Clinton And Trump

I just don’t get it folk don’t understand how the hell politics work. I also know folk that I know personally that want to think they are politically inclined and have no damn clue. I will challenge them any day but not today because it ain’t worth my damn time.

I am a damn Democrat and hell no I do not like or agree with all Democrats, I do not like all Democrats be they Black, Brown, White and/or Other just like I don’t agree with my wife, family and folk close to me on every thing.

What I do know is I don’t agree with Trump on anything and know he is ignant as hell when it comes to politics.

I have a problem with Ignant Safe Negroes like the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Roosevelt Higgs who has not done a damn thing to educate or to promote the party since he has been the chair along with his executive committee that runs the party.

While folk are worrying about the Presidential Election and have so much to say about Presidential Candidates, I don’t see them saying anything about the local folk who ain’t doing anything. But that is because folk are afraid to call out folk that know them.

Ok for folk that are so into the Presidential Election if a sitting President resigns, die or removed from office who will take over?

What I want is someone to tell me is how will the damn emails pertaining to Clinton affect Black, Brown and Poor White Folk?

What I want is someone to tell me what in the hell can you name that Trump will do for Black, Brown and Poor White Folk?


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