Hurricane Matthews: Today Is The 1st Day I Have Seen My Wife And Daughter Since October 7, 2016 One Day Before The Flood

Today I traveled to New Bern NC to pick up my wife. I had took her to New Bern On Friday October 7 because she has been spending time with her mother. I was unable to get there for 2 weeks because of the flooding in that area such as Kinston NC. And then because of here schedule and my schedule I couldn’t get there last weekend.

Today I finally got my dad registered with FEMA after having some issues with registration.

My wife and I are at the Wash House doing laundry, oh I am on the computer. LOL!

I had not told my wife that my dad was at the house because at first he was with his sister. I didn’t want her worrying about him being there and she had not been to the house to fix things. So as we were leaving Greenville late this evening I told her. And she went off on me because she said why I didn’t tell her so she could have came home last weekend but I told her she had some business to handle in New Bern and I was trying to handle my business here with my son and my dad. She come in rearranging things to make my dad comfortable.

Well I am going to work my wife before she goes back to New Bern in a couple of days and where it will be her mother and my daughter and me, my dad and my son on this end.

In times like these this is when family suppose to stick together.

On tomorrow I suppose to meet with some contractors to get estimates of what it is going to take to put the house back together. My dad has a doctor’s appointment and I hope FEMA call while I am out so maybe I can take care of numerous things on tomorrow.

I sure hope things get back to some type of normalcy soon however it is what it is. We have to do what we have to do especially taking care of our parents.

It is a blessing to have parents and to be able to do for them.

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