Donald Trump Called A Black Man In Rocky Mount A Thug And Put Him Out At The Rally In Kinston

The Watch Dog response: I love it! All of the black folk whom are supporting Trump should see that he don’t care about them. Don’t you know “Your Black A… Don’t Matter!” This ignant called the black man a thug and put him out for calling his name. Damn! I could see if he was protesting. Click on Photo to Watch Video On Youtube.


Ejected Trump supporter stands by his man

By Lindell John Kay
Staff Writer

imageSaturday, October 29, 2016

A local black man said he still supports Donald Trump after the Republican presidential nominee called him a “thug” and mistakenly tossed him out of a rally in Eastern North Carolina last week.

C.J. Cary, a Rocky Mount resident who has supported Trump for years, stood near the front row, about 20 feet from the stage, waved a note and shouted “Donald” during a Wednesday night event at the Kinston Jet Center.

“Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” was Trump’s response before ordering his security team to remove Cary from the venue. Trump then accused Cary of being hired by Democrats to disrupt the event, all according to video of the incident that has gone viral.

The flub has made national news, but Cary was already making local headlines this summer in relation to his exuberant support for Trump.

The Peachtree Street resident paid several hundred dollars to replace at least 40 Trump signs in his front yard that had been torn down. The vandalism stopped when Cary placed surveillance cameras around his home and wired the perimeter of his yard.

Cary didn’t return messages and no one answered the door at his home Saturday where dozens of Trump signs still stand. However, Cary did explain how he felt about the incident Friday on Twitter – Trump’s preferred method of social media mass communication.

“Embarrassed? That was not what I felt, being escorted out. I felt joy. God asked if I would I did. Mission accomplished. And please do not think the hardship that came out of this mission was not anticipated or described beforehand; please do not think I cowered at the chance to get Donald’s attention. U can see I did not. In fact, take a look. I still support Donald J Trump 4 president,” Cary tweeted in 144-character bursts.

Cary, a former Marine and civilian contractor with the Army, told The News & Observer he wanted to offer advice to Trump to treat certain groups with more respect. He said blacks, women, college students and people with disabilities deserve better treatment from Trump.

Trump’s use of the word thug is becoming a socially acceptable alternative to another racial epithet, according to many observers, including Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Musician Questlove of the Roots likened thug to a racial slur, as did Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes during protests in his city last year.

Trump was involved in a public campaign to execute a group of young black men accused of rape in Central Park in 1989. He settled lawsuits with plaintiffs who claimed housing discrimination, and he took a leading role in the birther movement questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship. The Central Park 5 were exonerated by DNA evidence and given multi-million-dollar settlements from New York City, but Trump has insisted on their guilt.

The Cary incident comes after Trump accused his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton of paying activists to disrupt his rallies in the third presidential debate earlier this month. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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