Goldsboro NC – Democratic leader claims misconduct at polling site – Goldsboro News Argus

A state Democratic leader claims she was asked to leave the Wayne County Board of Elections early voting site after being confronted by the director.

Linda Wilkins-Daniels, president of the African-American Caucus of the state Democratic Party, said she visited the early voting site Saturday to help an elderly voter and another man who was trying to update his voter information.

As she entered, the man walked off but later asked for help.

Dane Beavers, Wayne County Board of Elections director, said Wilkins-Daniels started “wandering around the polling place to assist other people. And that’s not allowed.”

Wilkins-Daniels said she was actually called over by the man to help during the voting process. She also said a poll worker was aware that the man asked for help but did not speak up.

“That poll worker could have cleared it up,” Wilkins-Daniels said. “I know you can only assist one person at a time. I wouldn’t just arbitrarily run around the poll site.” (Read More)


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