Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC – Citizens Allowed To Return Home But The Signs On The Homes Are Important

​Citizens of Princeville, we may now return to our town!!! Please be careful, and read the signs on your door: Green – you are good; Yellow – you may enter and retrieve items; however, you may not stay until repairs are made. Red – please do not enter until repairs are made. For Repair assistance, please contact Samaritan’s Purse 366-0209.

Thanks for your understanding!!

Mayor Bobbie Darnell Jones

Hurricane Matthews: Princeville Fire Chief James Powell Lost His Wedding Band While Trying To Save A Female Whom Was Trapped In A Car

The Watch Dog response: Thank you Robin Williams Braswell for sharing this story. Chief Powell almost lost his life as well. Click on following link to hear Chief Powell tell history about what happened on October 8. Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC Mayor Bobbie Darnell Jones Hold Town Meeting To Give Citizens Update

While working at the Edgecombe County Emergency Operations Center immediately following the devastating flooding of Hurricane Matthew, I had the distinct honor and privilege to meet the Princeville Fire Chief. If you followed the posts I made, I was in the midst of heroes and he was one of them. I later learned that although Chief Powell was spared his life during his selfless act to save another, his wedding band wasn’t as lucky. As time passed, this story kept speaking to my heart. Last Thursday night, I reached out to someone I’ve known for 26 years. I contacted Kenny Brewer and asked if he would consider letting me use my in store credit to help make a new ring happen for Chief Powell. I told him the story that the Chief had shared with me and also sent him the news videos that told his amazing story. Kenny would not use my credit to make this happen. He was so touched by the story that he allowed The Chief and his wife, Bonnie to come in and select a ring. The couple chose a Tungsten wedding band. The same metal that his original band was made from which does not scratch. Kenny allowed an inscription to be added which will be done by laser. The message Bonnie wanted to be displayed inside his band will read “Til Death Do Us Part”. We all got a kick out of that but she did not falter. We are all so very blessed to have this hero right here in Edgecombe County. This story makes my heart smile and I’m just so happy to have been a part of it. ❤️

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Hurricane Matthews Tarboro NC: Governor: Some formerly flooded areas unhealthy

Governor says some formerly flooded areas unhealthy

By Anthony Wilson

Monday, October 24, 2016 01:20PM
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory got a first-hand look at some of the parts of Princeville that were recently underwater on Monday and said there are health concerns in many of the buildings.

People are still being kept out of the community, even though the water has receded.

“The whole town’s been wiped out,” said McCrory Monday and compared it to a ghost town.

Among the governor’s priorities Monday were getting resources to the people forced to abandon their normal routines.

“We’re waiving some of the state unemployment policies so anyone who’s been put out of their job can immediately sign up for unemployment,” he explained.

Princeville Mayor Bobbie Jones said his home is among those now uninhabitable because of unsafe air that lingers in many buildings. He warned residents to stay away for now.

“Because it’s hazardous. We want to make sure that when people go in that their first priority is to make sure they stay safe,” he said.

Governor McCrory said he made the mistake of entering a school without protective gear.

“The minute I walked in, I wish I would have had a mask. It just shows how dangerous the conditions are gonna be in these houses that were flooded,” he said.

Mayor Jones said it may be later this week before some residents are allowed to return. For anyone that does, a red sticker on the outside means do not enter.

A yellow sticker means you can go in, but don’t hang around because it’s still not safe to stay. (ABC 11)

Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC – October Regular Monthly Meeting

Princeville Mayor Bobbie Jones, Princeville Fire Chief James Powell, Town Manager Daniel Geralds and Senator Erica Smith-Ingram give addresses the citizens.

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