Hurricane Matthews: Angela Bassett Visits The Town Of Princeville NC

After each storm, the Sunshine brings brighter days,… so the story goes.  And it definitely applies to the recent havoc caused by ‘Hurricane Matthew’ in the Town of Princeville. As quiet as it was kept: Ms. Angela Bassett swept into Edgecombe and Pitt Counties during her ‘Get Out and Vote’ pitch in support of DNC Presidential Candidate-Hillary R. Clinton.

The impromptu visit was coordinated by Rep. Shelly Willingham-(D) and Edgecombe County ‘Get Out the Vote’ Democratic Coordinator-Milton Bullock-Princeville Commissioner of Ward 1.

Commissioner Bullock discovered that Ms. Bassett’s great-great, great grandfather ( the late Rev. William Henry Bassett) RIP in the old Dancy Cemetery.  This price of noble history was revealed in a document ‘Trace Your Roots’ produced by Historian, Dr. Henry Gates-Ph.D.

Due to her congested schedule stumping for Hillary R. Clinton; she was extended a perpetual invitation to return to Princeville where her roots may have sprung from.

She’s one remarkable strong and wise Lady.

Milton Bullock 
Princeville NC


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