Hurricane Matthews: Pinetops NC – Prayer Event For The Flood Victims Of Our Hometown

PINETOPS!!!!! I will be having a prayer event for the flood victims of our hometown!!… It will be this coming up Saturday October 22 at 1:00pm at the Primitive Baptist Association Church on Bynum road…We will have a couple guest speakers that will bring words of faith and comfort…We will also have information presented to flood victims such as housing info, financial assistance, food and clothing assistance, and FEMA information… PINETOPS, I am looking forward to a great turnout BC we as a community have to help each other as much as possible… I would also like to invite any interested parties from the Tarboro and Princeville communities BC prayer and knowledge is universal and needs to be spread throughout!! Please come out and support this cause…THIS WILL NOT BE A LONG EVENT…WE PLAN TO PRESENT OUR INFORMATION, SPEAK AND ENJOY THE REST OF OUR DAY!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!

Kelvin Kb Bynum

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