Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC – Southern Terrace Residents return home Other areas could be released soon

Town of Princeville 

Southern Terrace Residents return home
Other areas could be released soon

October 21, 2016

Southern Terrace residents were given the nod to go back home around 2:30 p.m. Friday. Vehicles casually rode through the quiet neighborhood with drivers and passengers seemingly expressing satisfaction by face gestures.

Officials have yet to give a timetable to when the remaining citizens will return, however they believe it could be very soon.

With the exception of small pockets of water in a few spots, the town is virtually dry. In somewhat of a celebration, on Wednesday Mayor Bobbie Jones, Mayor Pro Temp Linda Joyner and several other town officials walked from the Tar River Bridge in Tarboro to Princeville Town Hall.

The National Guard Army pumped millions of gallons out of the town which expedited the transition from flood stage to dry land.

Inspection teams were some of the first to cross the bridge. They are continuing inspecting houses and placing codes on them according to their respective conditions.

The Southern Terrace Community saw limited flooding.

A Distribution Center is opened at the Edgecombe County Chamber of Commerce 509 Trade St. in Tarboro.
For information or concerns call 252-824-0108.

PHOTO: Princeville Mayor Bobbie Jones looks over the Tar River.

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Hurricane Matthews: Tarboro Emergency Shelter At St. Stephen Academy Update Provided By Princeville Town Manager Daniel Gerald

Erica Smith-Ingram

Leaving Emergency Shelter at St. Stephen Academy in Tarboro. The sun is shining brighter today. Some residents will be able to return to their homes to find out the condition. Homes are marked. Escorts provided by police, deputies and volunteers. Green means you’re okay. Red means you will not be able to return at this time. Yellow means you need to read the warnings and risks ( water in your vents or saturated insulation under your homes, for example) then consider before deciding to return. Thanks Princeville Town manager Daniel Gerald for the update. Shelly Willingham Curmilus Butch Dancy II Viola Harris Red Cross, FEMA, State Emergency Responders, teams, law enforcement, National Guard. Your services are greatly appreciated.

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Hurricane Matthews: Family & FriendsEverybody Got Them

Flood Recovery

If family and friends whom are able if they would just do what they can to help family member or friend oh how sweet that would be. And this don’t mean it has to cost you a lot you can get with other resources like get folk to adopt a family or friend.

I have received only one phone call from a family and only 2 calls from friends to ask me what they could do for my dad and I.

It could be something as simple as a hot/cold meal, gas money no matter how small or how large.

But some folk want to do stuff for show. Well do whatever just voicing my ignant opinion.

I am going to do all I can to keep my dad comfortable but just the thought of if just my family alone, what my family could do to make a huge difference so just trying to make other folk think.

Just my ignant opinion!

Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC – The Town of Princeville is In need of volunteers to operate our distribution center WHEN we open

Bobbie Darnell Jones

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, The Town of Princeville is In need of volunteers to operate our distribution center WHEN we open. If you will assist, please contact me or Calvin Adkins. 883-7493

Early Voting: Nash County – Early Voting Location Nash Agriculture Center

South Rocky Mount Community Center

October 19 at 11:15am ·

Nash County only has one EARLY voting location this election year at the Nash Agriculture Center in Nashville. Free rides will be giving to residents leaving South Rocky Mount Community Center at 8:00a, 10:00a, 12:00p, 2:00p, and 4:00p on Thursday October 20 and Friday, October 21. For more information please contact 352-255-5778

Hurricane Matthews Upcoming Meetings/Events


Hurricane Matthews: Pinetops – Flood Recovery Meeting Wednesday November 2, 2016

Hurricane Matthews: Pinetops NC – Prayer Event For The Flood Victims Of Our Hometown – Saturday October 22, 2016

Monday December 19, 2016
Princeville Regular Town Meeting


Tuesday December 20, 2016
Princeville Residents Only

Toys and other items for children have been donated to the Princeville Volunteer Fire Department from the Townsville Fire Department in which they will give away the items on Tuesday December 20th at 2pm at the Princeville Fire Department….. Help get the word out to Princeville Residents that may not have Facebook…Thanks!!!!

Buyout, Elevation, Rebuilding & Elevation Meeting For Princeville Citizens Thursday December 1st 2016

Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC – Flood Recovery Meeting Tuesday November 1, 2016 7 PM

Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC Town Meeting Monday October 24, 2016

Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC Mayor Bobbie Darnell Jones Hold Town Meeting To Give Citizens Update – October 19, 2016

Tarboro NC
Tarboro NC – Thanksgiving Dinner For Hurricane Matthew Flood Victims Sunday & Thursday November 20 & November 24, 2016

Governor Pat McCrory & Flood Recovery Team Comes To Edgecombe County – Friday November 15, 2016

Hurricane Matthews: Pinetops NC – Prayer Event For The Flood Victims Of Our Hometown

PINETOPS!!!!! I will be having a prayer event for the flood victims of our hometown!!… It will be this coming up Saturday October 22 at 1:00pm at the Primitive Baptist Association Church on Bynum road…We will have a couple guest speakers that will bring words of faith and comfort…We will also have information presented to flood victims such as housing info, financial assistance, food and clothing assistance, and FEMA information… PINETOPS, I am looking forward to a great turnout BC we as a community have to help each other as much as possible… I would also like to invite any interested parties from the Tarboro and Princeville communities BC prayer and knowledge is universal and needs to be spread throughout!! Please come out and support this cause…THIS WILL NOT BE A LONG EVENT…WE PLAN TO PRESENT OUR INFORMATION, SPEAK AND ENJOY THE REST OF OUR DAY!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!

Kelvin Kb Bynum

Hurricane Matthews: Tarboro High School – FUN, FELLOWSHIP, FRIENDS: North Edgecombe Alumni Association

Viola Harris

FUN, FELLOWSHIP, FRIENDS: North Edgecombe Alumni Association will be hosting a day of giving for Edgecombe County flood survivors in the parking lot of the school Saturday from 8 to 2pm. Fun and games for the kids. Truckload of clothing, cleaning supplies, toiletries and toys will be given away. There’s No Rivalry in Helping Others. The truck will arrive at 11am but other donated items will be available starting at 8am. Come and stay all day with us.