Malfunctioning gate discovered at Tar River Reservoir – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: What folk need to be focused on is getting back to normal whatever that is. For me it is to use all the resources that are and will be available to them to get back to their homes.

What folk don’t need to be worrying about is the floodgates because even if they wanted to open the gates they could have but I ain’t going to get into that.

Folk if there was a problem with the floodgates the Town of Princeville and their resources will deal with that, that is a governmental issue.

Folk you better be worrying about getting back in your home and then you can deal with other issues if their be any but don’t get caught up in mess that you have no control over. The water has come and gone so now FLOOD RECOVERY is the issue.

The DIKE did it’s job. The water came around the dike.

Folk don’t need to be worrying about if the Town of Princeville is going to rebuild and other you need to let the town and their resources deal with that.

What you need to do is to focus on getting back because your insurance companies and other will be watching what you say and do. It is like suing an employer you have to say you want your job back in order to make the suit real whether you want to go back to the job or not.

What I am having a problem with is folk who have been through this and/or very much familiar with the process need to help folk who are suffering now to focus on the main thing.

I have received calls from Florida, Greensboro and other talking about what is Princeville going to do by it being a historic town. Well I tell them to focus on the folk getting back home and the historic piece will work itself out.

I know some folk don’t want to hear it but then again the numerous folk I have talked to understand they have to be patient.

This is just my ignant opinion and if anyone don’t want to hear it then delete me because I refuse to allow people to mislead folk when I know what I know.

From Staff Reports

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A hydraulic lift at the Tar River Reservoir malfunctioned last week as water generated by Hurricane Matthew flooded the Twin Counties.

At the worst point of the flood for Rocky Mount, the level of the water in the reservoir rose to 127.58 feet. That exceeds the height of the dam by 2 feet 7 inches, city officials said. The malfunction of the lift probably had little effect on how much water flowed over the dam, engineers said. But as the water level began to subside, city officials discovered the gate malfunction at around noon Friday.

The southern gate at the reservoir had drifted about 3 feet below its normal position, officials said. City engineers worked to raise the gate and finally did so around 6:30 p.m. Friday.

“The situation with the gate could not have occurred at a worse time and was exacerbated by the volume of water from Hurricane Matthew,” City Manager Charles Penny said in a prepared statement.

City officials said it’s difficult to say what effect, if any, a properly functioning gate might have had to lessen flooding in areas downstream from the dam.

“At this time, we understand that notification at this point may raise more questions than we are able to answer,” said Mayor David Combs. ‘However, we thought it would be in the public’s best interest to notify everyone of this situation. Our thoughts and prayers remain with all citizens in Rocky Mount and Eastern North Carolina, and we are continuing to monitor the reservoir daily.”

Several flood victims in Edgecombe County last week speculated that Rocky Mount had opened the gates at the reservoir, resulting in more flooding in areas such as Princeville. Combs addressed that rumor shortly after it surfaced, emphatically saying that was not the case. He and Penny reiterated that point again Tuesday. Rocky Mount did not intentionally open the gate at the reservoir, they said.

City engineers identified a problem with the southern gate on Sept. 23. A contractor arrived to assess the problem on Sept. 26. (Rocky Mount Telegram)


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