Hurricane Matthews – Replacement Food Stamps Folk Be Patient

I just received a call from a neighboring county from a good friend and he was telling me they were having an issue with folk applying for replacement food stamps. I told him I have received some calls about that issue too.

Now having received some replacement stamps one time when a hurricane came through several years ago, it was set up through department of social services and I had to go apply and I received some. However FEMA was not involved at that time so I am quite sure the replacement stamps will come through FEMA like they did during the 1999 flood.

Now because of the scope of Hurricane Matthews I strongly feel that everyone affected by Matthews will have to file a complaint with FEMA. If one lost food but water didn’t get in your house please apply and maybe you will qualify for replacement stamps.

Folk you don’t want to hear this but you have got to be patient. Help is on the way but there is a process and we have to go through it. Yeap we, because I am going through also and ran into a stumbling block on yesterday. But I am going to be patient because I know help is on the way.

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