Hurricane Matthews Aftermath – Homeowners But Have Your Parent/s Living There At No Cost You Will Automatically Be Referred To SBA To Apply For A Loan If You Have No Insurance/Resources

Attention: A Must Read Homeowners But Do Not Live In Your House But Your Parent/s Do

I own the home on Bynum Farm Road that got flooded out however in 1999 during Hurricane Floyd I was living there since my dad had gotten remarried. Mind you in 1997 I had to bury my mother.

Back to Hurricane Matthews 2016 my dad had moved back in the house since he and his wife had divorced. Now that because I am the owner of the house and it is not my primary residence I will have was referred to SBA to apply for a loan. I applied FEMA assistance online and I received an email that I had been referred to SBA. I received a call from a FEMA representative on Saturday while on the way to my great niece funeral that he could meet with me. But during the conversation he said he could not meet with me because I would have to do the application since I didn’t live there and my dad would be considered a renter. He made a phone call to his superior and called me back and said I had to re-do my application.

This morning Sunday I tried to re-do my application online but I received a duplicate error. I called FEMA and they could not get it right so now I am waiting for them to try to get my dad in the system as a rental. I will have to apply for a SBA Loan and he will be able to receive rental assistance for anything that is damaged. So therefore the house is just sitting there waiting for FEMA to come out and to access the damages.

I am grateful to be on the waiting list for The Samaritans Volunteers whom are set up in the area to clean out the house but if they call today, I can’t let them do it until FEMA come out and inspect my daddy’s damage.

Now where I stand. I got around a foot and a half of water in the house so therefore in order to make the house livable the floors will have to be treated, walls removed about 4 feet from the floor and in one room the whole ceiling will have to be repaired.

I am renting a house where I live now and was in the process of trying to move because this place need some major repair. I really don’t want my dad here with me and my son but I have no choice at the moment until I can try to find him an apartment or something. Right now my main focus is getting him somewhere to go until he decided if he want to go back to the flooded out house because this is his house that I inherited so I will let him decide what he wants to do at 82 years old.

I am sharing this information so folk who are in the same situation I am in own a home but my dad lives there so since have no insurance, my dad is considered a renter. I will have to apply for a SBA Loan to repair the house but he can apply for rental assistance.

Folk I mentioned recently and from time to time that folk just don’t know my story. You see I have been working around my dad handling his business, my wife does not work nor do my daughter and I have a college loan for her that I am paying. My son is enrolled at the community college so with me being the only one working it has been tough. But it is all good and I will continue to just do what I do.

I worked the flood in 1999 helping folk across the county. I had direct contact with FEMA locally and other resources in spite of having to deal with my flooding but this time it is a whole new path for me.

Folk Hurricane Matthews is much worse than Hurricane Floyd. Some folk have said Floyd was worse but I beg the difference.

But with all that I have been dealing with over the years with my personal life, I have been advocating and doing stuff for other folk as if I had it like that. I have sacrificed much but I will not take nothing for my journey. I could have lived a better life but nope because I love people I have just been living. I am grateful to have seen all of my children get out of high school and I am glad about it.

As I have stated time and time again, I trust, believe and know that no matter what the end will be, it is well with my soul. I ain’t gonna let nothing and nobody turn me around.

I just posted yesterday a photo of me that I don’t look like what I have been/going through but I ain’t gonna let nothing and nobody turn me around.

My wife and my daughter is stuck in New Bern with my mother in law so I am having to handle the house here with a 18 year old and a 82 year old. Got my hands full.

My challenge is to folk especially church folk where is your faith? Anyone that know me, know that I ain’t there yet but I am a work in progress.


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