N.C. Senate District 5 Hurricane Aftermath With Don Davis

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Hurricane aftermath

As I have made numerous visits throughout the District, my heart goes out to residents impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. To date, there has been 23 storm fatalities. There has been 2,299 rescues and 41,785 residents who are still without electricity. Meanwhile, nearly 4,000 residents are in shelters and many others displaced from their homes. 
Days after Hurricane Matthew, inland flooding continues to threaten public safety. You can call 2-1-1 or 1(888) 892-1162 for more disaster information.  Travel information is available at ReadyNC.org or 5-1-1.  The links b elow contain important information I wish to share with you, and ask for you to share with your neighbors and friends impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Please feel free to contact my office at (919) 715-8363, if you have any specific questions or need assistance.

Don Davis 


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