Edgecombe County Folk Who Have Been In The Flood Please Think Back To 1999 And Don’t Be Ignant!

Folk think back to what happened as it relates to resources when the flood came in 1999. You know resources didn’t come down over night so be patient and help others remember.

I am receiving phone calls that Governor Pat McCrory said there was funds in Edgecombe County to help folk. I know that is not to be true whether he said it or not. But even if monies were available which is not, how would it be distributed? FEMA and other resources will come in and set up to do interviews/applications to begin the process.

Folk it is going to be a waiting period before you receive anything unless you have homeowners insurance, renters insurance, automobile insurance and other. I am quite sure DSS will be setting up so folk can get food stamps and that will probably be the 1st thing that folk will receive.

I know folk are frustrated but you can let it worry you or you can just know that hope is on the way. I don’t believe it will take as long as it did the last time because there are lessons learned from 1999 so the pathway to recovery is on the books.

Who am I? Just a nobody but love everybody. I am a flood victim however I do have a place to stay because I am still in rental property and my daddy was in my house this time and the house was flooded and the truck I bought for my daddy.

Folk you can get hung up on the Governor you want to but President Barack Obama has done what he need to do to okay that the funds come this way. I don’t need him to come here just because Bill Clinton did. He has already done enough. He will probably be here in the future but if he don’t, I am glad he has okayed the funding. FEMA did not accept Wilson for funding but President Obama added Wilson and other places so that is all that matters.

Folk that has been through this before and just because you didn’t move back in the flood area, don’t be acting like the Governor could have done more and can do more in the immediate as it relates to putting resources in folk hands. You see you know better and while you are trying to call elected officials out you are the one that is doing more to the victims by giving them false hope. So when I hear about the ignant conversations going on, I am going to call you out because it makes no damn sense.

I videoed Governor Jim Hunt when he came to Pinetops in 1999 and he did the same thing that Governor McCrory did came down and checked out the damage, spoke to the people and said that help would be on the way. Help came!

Again be patient my people.

Just my ignant opinion and if you don’t like it delete me from all of your social media sites because I about TRUES. I don’t play when folk are making decisions on other folks behalf and giving them false hope.

Now Run & Tell That!



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