These Black CEOs Couldn’t Get a Loan (Now They Run Some of the Fast-Growing Companies in America) INC. 5000

imageThe Watch Dog response: But you see Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Negroes are ignant to the fact that this is a Black Lives Matter Issue. Oh hell no they can only connect Black Lives Matter to damn police killing black folk. Well I stop by to tell you black folk not given a fair chance means Black Lives Don’t Matter to ignants that want to hold us down.

Black CEOs run 73 companies on this year’s Inc. 5000. If you’re thinking that doesn’t sound like a lot, you’re right–that’s only about 1.5 percent of the companies that made the cut, based on revenue growth over the past three years.

Nearly half of the businesses with black CEOs cluster around our nation’s capital–in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia–and a third overall provide services to government agencies. The remaining companies are spread among five Southern states, plus California, Michigan, New York, and New Jersey. (INC. 5000)

ECU Chancellor releases statement after band members kneel during National Anthem – WITN

The Watch Dog response: It is not about Colin Kaeperneck it is all about what the National Athem really mean.

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – The Chancellor of East Carolina University, Dr. Cecil Staton, released a statement Saturday afternoon after some members of the ECU Marching Pirates band kneeled during their performance of the National Anthem at Saturday’s game against the University of Central Florida.

About a dozen members kneeled, some continued to play the National Anthem while kneeling, while others did not.

When the band returned to the field for their halftime performance, many fans booed. (WITN)

Black Folk & Accountability!

Folk hold me accountable for my actions because I damn sure is going to hold you accountable.

I have been in the struggle since the late 80’s fighting Ignant Racist White Folk. But the sad part had to fight in house with Ignant Safe Negroes.

I will not allow folk to say pretty words that has no substance.

I am in the clean up B.S. mode!

Don’t like me, don’t want to hear me, delete me and don’t talk to me directly nor indirectly!

I go to church don’t forget I ain’t there yet. He is still working on me.

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Black Lives Matter Black On Black Crime Is Included In The Title So Don’t Get It Twisted

Black Lives Matter

Wow! I have and others have been talking about and advocating against Black on Black crime being it murder and whatever since the late 80’s so folk need to get their facts together. Hell Black Lives Matter to me and others so when we say Black Lives Matter it ain’t limited to just police killing black folk so don’t get it twisted.

I am a life fully paid member of the NAACP member since 1992.

I have been a member of Black Workers For Justice.

I am a die hard Democrat and has been since 1981. Do I agree with all Democrats, hell no! Hell some of them are Democrats by registration but vote Republican and I can bout tell who they are. I am all about the Democratic Platform.

I used to be an advocate for Education via P.I.E.C.E. (People Interested In Enhancing Children Education) that I founded back in the 90’s, But then over the years I joined other advocate groups across the state. Today I am still an advocate for Education because I receive phone calls and assist parents and others about issues.

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