“Presidential Candidate’s Mental State of Mind” by Milton Bullock Freelance Writer & Contributing Journalist

With so much at stake, riding upon the backs of the two leading candidates for the much sought-after, prestigious position of President of The United States of America! One would wonder, why aren’t the political correct policy makers (regardless of their party affiliations) requesting a recent update of each candidate’s ‘Mental Healthcare Evaluation

Records’? I would dare say that neither have a psychiatrists currently on payroll. With an almost dead-heat from the various polls; it would make for excellent common sense that not only their ‘general medical records’ be reviewed. But also their ’Mental Healthcare Records’ should be deemed critical as well. For instance, have we taken into serious consideration how deathly toxic the out-come this election could turn out to be? We already know beyond a doubt, that we have a certified narcissistic candidate in Donald Trump. And with his ‘dog whistle codes’-he has identified and aroused the mental deranged base of racist-bigoted hate mongers just waiting for the outcome of the election.

From my perspective, as a concerned Multi-Racial Mixed American; it matters not whe-ther he wins or loses the Presidency. African Americans and all people of color (non-whites); are going to catch pure hell from his blood thirsty constituents. He has ’dog whistled’ (green light codes) for an open season on all Blacks! Especially those disillusioned Blacks he’s bamboozled to ‘boldly’ stand beside him for their 20 second of fame via the various hungry media ads news networks. “Where are your Mental Health Records?” This is the question the news pundits and policy-makers (regardless of party affiliation) should be posing the candidates with! It will be too late once he’s in (if he ever gets in) and looses what little coolness most thinks he has and is quick on the trigger to push that ’Red Button’ in the middle of the night. And all hell breaks loose with another major, thin skinned mental-deranged knit-wit global leader over some nonsense.

So I ask; if you’re clear headed and can see through the thick-fog of BS, and paying close attention of the questionable-signs being displayed by both candidates ‘what are you going to do about it?’ I highly recommend all who are avid readers to pick up author-David Cay Johnston’s recent release of; “The Making of Donald Trump!” And get a thorough understanding of the historical genetics-mental and psychological DNA Donald Trump’s derives from. Then make an empowered and informed, educated decision when you’re behind the curtain, about to cast your vote! Once you have and you’re satisfied; then you’ll know with assurance; when the SHTF. That you’ve participated in ‘your rights to express’ what you felt in your heart, your soul and mind, and for whatever mental state it’s in. And may God have mercy on all of our souls, as we witness the promised-fulfillment of the providential prophesy as it’s being revealed right before our very eyes!

Milton Bullock
Freelance Writer & Contributing Journalist


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