Reignited HB2 controversy looms over election – Charlotte Observer

The Watch Dog response: These guys just don’t get it. One of the ignants talking about Democrats need to compromise. Compromise what? Can’t compromise ignance and this is what has been displayed since the Republican takeover. The time is winding down that folk of good conscious from both sides are beginning to wake up but after North Carolina has shown them that the Republicans has lost their minds. But one of the ignants want to blame all of this on the Charlotte City Council. Wow! So the Republican Legislature had nothing to do with any of this? So The DCN Super Ignant Awards goes to . . . 

RALEIGH – The NCAA’s decision to pull seven championship events out of North Carolina over the state’s stand on anti-discrimination protections reignited a controversy that has divided the state with less than two months to go before the November elections.

For the governor running for re-election after signing House Bill 2 into law in March, it makes for uncertain terrain.

“I think it will hurt the Republican ticket,” said Rep. Leo Daughtry, a longtime Republican legislator from Smithfield who is not running for re-election. “That includes the governor. I think, unfortunately, it will hurt him.” (Charlotte Observer)


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