Raleigh NC – Dr. Florence A. Armstrong (Democrat) Represented Edgecombe County Well At The State Board Of Elections Hearing Today 6 Early Voting Sites Were Granted

Thank you Dr. Florence A. Armstrong (Democrat) Edgecombe County Board Of Elections member for going to Raleigh NC to address the recommendation that she made a motion on at the last Edgecombe County Board of Elections meeting. Dr. Armstrong motion was voted down by the 2 local Republican board members chair James Proctor and member Janet Lewis. Lewis made a 2nd motion and Proctor voted with her. So since the vote was not unanimous for either motion, both recommendations had to be sent to Raleigh to the State Board of Elections for the hearing today. Dr. Armstrong motion was upheld by the State Board of Elections.

Thank you Dr. Armstrong, Attorney Jeffrey Carmon and the State Board of Elections for the outcome of the hearing on today. As I stated at the last Edgecombe County Board of Elections meeting that I was at that meeting to support whatever Dr. Armstrong presented because I had no doubt that she would represent the Democrats of Edgecombe County well. All political parties have the opportunity to utilize the early voting sites and times.

What I don’t understand is why the Republican chair and/or the Republican board member didn’t attend the hearing. I also wonder why the Edgecombe County Director didn’t attend as well. One would think if the State Board had some questions that the Republican chair and the County director would have been present.

See the outcome of what will take place in Edgecombe County that was voted on at the hearing today.

State Board of Elections Hearing September 8, 2016

Florence Armstrong (Democrat)

Florence Armstrong appeared before the board presented one stop voting site plan that would include six sites. On August 16, 2016, Mrs. Armstrong requested six voting sites, but it was voted down by the Republican members. The Republican (majority) plan included four voting sites.

The minority agreed upon by the State Board:

1. Six voting sites

2. The adding of 130 hours to the 485 hours submitted by the Republicans.

3. Speed and Battleboro sites will be open every Saturday.

4. Battleboro and Speed will begin voting on Saturday, October 22, 2016

5. The Battleboro and Speed one stop sites are open 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. daily.

Florence Armstrong was represented by Attorney Jeffrey Carmon of Raleigh, NC.

The Republican board members and county director of elections were not in attendance.